These manufacturers will bet on the Helio P60 processor


Qualcomm is the king in the processors sector, but MediaTek is getting closer and closer to becoming a worthy rival of the American firm. Your new star processor, the Helio P60 presented at the last edition of the Mobile World Congress, looks really good, as we could see in the filtered performance tests , and now we know which manufacturers will bet on the new MediaTek solution.

Several reports from China suggest that three major Asian manufacturers will use the Helio P60 processor in their devices. We talk about Xiaomi, Oppo and Meizu , brands of much draft that have a catalog of mid-range terminals that could now give a new leap in quality.

These manufacturers will bet on the Helio P60 processor

Xiaomi, Oppo and Meizu will bet on the Helio P60 processor

For now it is expected that the OPPO R15 and the Meizu E3 mount the new MediaTek solution, although it is not known for sure what Xiaomi phones will use a Helio P60 processor . Of course, the next generation of medium ranges of these manufacturers, will give a new leap in quality.

As we explained at the time, the performance of Helio P60 It has nothing to envy to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660. To this has to add its Edge system of neuronal processing that will equip the new MediaTek processor with an artificial intelligence system so that the devices that use this solution will be learning from the use we give it. to adapt and learn from it.

On the other hand the Helio P60 processor has support for dual camera systems with up to 20 + 16 megapixels or a single 32 megapixel lens. And we can not forget about CorePilot 4.0 , an improvement that will allow moving games or heavy applications more smoothly. Say that the processor Helio P60 is manufactured in 12-nanometer FinFet process and it is equipped with four ARM Cortex A73 processors that reach a clock speed of up to 2 GHz, along with four other ARM Cortex A53 processors that reach the same speed of 2 GHz.

These manufacturers will bet on the Helio P60 processor

As for the GPU that mounts MediaTek’s new SoC, we find a Mali G-72 , the same one that mounts the Huawei Mate 10 , which guarantees that we can enjoy any game or application without problems. To give you an idea of ​​its potential, the performance of the Helio P60 is 70 percent higher than the previous generation, in addition to having a better optimization of resources so that the battery of the terminals that use this processor last longer,

And all this, in what is translated? Very easy: The next generation of mid-range phones from Xiaomi, OPPO and Meizu will be much more powerful. And if we take into account that MediaTek solutions are much cheaper than those of Qualcomm, if we have the possibility of having a mid-range smartphone with a Helio P60 processor for less than 250 euros we will have before us a generation of terminals with a relationship Power really attractive price.

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