These are Yoigo’s new rates for medium and large companies


Yoigo does not want to focus only on the domestic market, and after updating last year its combined Yoigo Pro , now they have just announced a new range of rates for medium and large companies . Yoigo’s new rates offer specialized services focused on the business market and their main characteristic is versatility, since they allow companies to share data bonds or create customized rates adapted to their needs.

According to Yoigo, its new rates for medium and large companies are based on the principles of reliability, capacity, flexibility, innovation and trust and include among its virtues a channel of independent customer service and a face-to-face commercial force.

This is what Yoigo rates are for medium and large companies

Yoigo wants to give specialized treatment to companies and for this it offers a very differentiated profile of services in which companies can count on a more personal and focused attention to their needs, in addition to having greater freedom when choosing services of voice and data that best suits your circumstances.

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Yoigo has reported that 2 are the main novelties of their new rates: TEAM Bonuses and the new ones Expert Rates . We tell you the details of each of them.

TEAM Bonus Rates

In Yoigo are aware that not all employees of a company have the same need for data and calls, that is why they now offer the possibility that the company can share a certain amount of GB between the different profiles of its users.

These are Yoigo's new rates for medium and large companies

We have the Bonus on one side TEAM 100 that offers 100 GB of data to be distributed up to 20 lines for a price of 80 euros per month (without VAT) and on the other hand we have the rate TEAM 200 , which raises the data to 200 GB and can be shared even in 50 lines , all for a price of 140 euros per month (without VAT).

Each company may also decide how many minutes are added in particular to the line of each user, even if they share a bonus with other workers of the same.

Rates of Yoigo Expert

In addition to the data sharing bonuses, Yoigo also offers more traditional rates that combine voice and data, are the Expert rates and include additional features such as possibilities to perform International calls and text messages. Their prices range from 11 at 29 euros and its details are shown in the following table.

These are Yoigo's new rates for medium and large companies

Together with the TEAM Bonds and the Expert Rates we also have the Connect rates, Indicated for those companies that only require data to navigate in the mobile, and that include 3 variants These are Yoigo's new rates for medium and large companies

It seems that Yoigo has taken the business market quite seriously, we will see if these new proposals have the desired effect in a market where Movistar and Vodafone have a lot to say.

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