These are the Xiaomi phones that will receive Android 9 Pie


Xiaomi has published an extensive official list with all those devices that will soon be updated to Android Oreo or Android Pie . If you have a signature team and you are waiting for one of these packages, this information interests you.

There are many users with a Xiaomi phone waiting for some official information from the company. These data have finally arrived through the department of MIUI , confirming that the teams will receive at least one beta version of the software that touches them before 2018 comes to an end.

List of Xiaomi phones to update

In the list appear the phones that have already been updated as well as those that will receive the update. Really what we are interested in are these seconds, but we are going to review them all to summarize them and to be clear about how the signature catalog is.

According to the list (in Chinese) that you have a little lower, the Mi 5 , Mi 5s , Mi 5s Plus , Mi 6 , Mi 8 , Mi 8 SE , Mi 8 Lite , Mi 8 Pro , Mi MIX, Mi MIX 2 , My Note 2 and My Note 3 are already running Android 8 Oreo. The Redmi 5 and Redmi 5A , for their part, will obtain their update to this same version of the green robot this fourth quarter of 2018 – in the same list it is shown that the Redmi 5 Plus and Mi 5X will also be updated in the same period, without However, we know that these teams have already received it, so it may respond to the fact that there is still some countries to arrive.

These are the Xiaomi phones that will receive Android 9 Pie

As for Android 9 Pie , the list points out that the Mi MIX 2S , Mi 8 and Mi 8 Explorer Edition have already received their portion of the cake, while the Mi 8 SE , Mi 8 Pro and Mi Max 3 will be targeted to the car. access to the Android 9 beta program before 2018 ends.

We do not know if this list could be updated in the near future or on the contrary the indicated teams are the only ones that will opt for the latest version of the system. The truth is that Xiaomi has clarified that devices that have already received two important updates or that have been recently updated will no longer access Android 9 Pie.

The phones too old will not get on this train, but the Asian company did not want to specify exactly which models are going to be left out to enjoy the latest from Google and which are not. We will have to settle for the moment with this list.

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