These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018


Apple has celebrated its traditional awards gala under the current WWDC 2018. The Apple Design Awards try to reward those applications where innovation and technology go hand in hand and the visual section stands out above the competition along with a great user experience. As every year, we show you what are the applications and games awarded in the Apple Design Awards 2018 .

We have a total of 10 award-winning applications among which we find 4 games. The theme is varied and range from something as practical as a calculator or an agenda to an interactive graphic novel. These are the winners.

Florence: an interesting graphic novel

These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018

Florence It has been written by Ken Wong (designer of Monument Valley) and recounts the experiences of Florence Yeoh, 25, on her journey to personal discovery and the pursuit of true love.

This interactive graphic novel stands out for an interesting style of hand drawing, a design similar to that of comics and a very outstanding soundtrack.

Agenda: a name that hides much more

These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018

This app with an obvious name is one of the most complete agendas we can have, since it includes calendar, task manager and integration with iCloud sync and Handoff. The interface is designed following a unique timeline that allows us to control all our work very accurately.

Diary offers a very minimalist design to the most pro Apple style that allows a very powerful search. A whole new approach when taking notes on Mac and iOS.

iTranslate Converse: because understanding can be very easy

These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018

It is a real-time translation application for iPhone and Apple Watch that transforms these devices into bidirectional translators.

iTranslate Converse supports up to 38 languages, automatically detects the language and best of all, does not need an Internet connection to work.

Calzy 3: a super calculator

These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018

Calzy 3 is a very customizable calculator that makes use of Multitasking, Face ID and Touch ID to be able to privately view our history and bookmarks, being able to share the results with other applications.

Like Agenda, it also supports iCloud Sync and Handoff, in addition to iMessage.

Frost: an interesting game of riddles

Frost It is a very curious game, in it we will have to guide swarms of particles in a relaxing way and for that we will have to solve a series of riddles. All a visual delight for our senses and a very entertaining and addictive game.

Oddmar: from Vikings the thing is going

This game boasts a hand-drawn design style and its resemblance to Rayman Legends is quite evident.

Oddmar It is a side scrolling game with an excellent soundtrack and very elaborate levels for a title of Viking theme. It is optimized for touch controls.

Alto’s Odyssey

High Odyssey is already known in the world of games for mobile devices. A very intuitive sandboard that uses the 3D Touch and includes a very immersive and relaxing soundtrack.

Triton Sponge: an application for the operating room

These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018

Triton Sponge is one of the most innovative apps of the design awards of Apple 2018. It is intended to be used with an iPAD and its purpose is to quickly calculate the loss of blood accumulated by surgical sponges and suction vessels.

To do this, it makes use of technologies such as Core Image, Camera Depth Map, Core ML and Machine Learning, all to perform complex calculations of blood loss and keep everything under control in medical interventions.


These are the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2018

Bandimal is a composer of music destined to the smallest of the house that substitutes the instruments by animated cartoon animals. The application is intended to encourage the creativity of children, since it does not use notes or chords.

Playdead’s INSIDE

Playdead is a Danish indie studio with only two titles to his credit, but have managed to make a jewel like INSIDE, a dark, captivating and full of danger style game that uses 2D platform and includes a luxury soundtrack. It is worth taking a look.

With this we finish our review of the Apple Design Awards 2018. We would love to hear your opinion about the winners.

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