These are the phones with sliding camera that we will see in 2018


We are already in the final stretch of 2018, and right now we find a new trend that begins to be present in more than one manufacturer. We talk about the phones with sliding camera , a design that has served to hide the front camera and give more prominence to the screen in search of infinite bevels.

There are already several proposals that we have seen today with this technology, so we are going to give a review of the models that we know have or will have this peculiar system so you can see the panorama that comes to us in the coming months. Will they have come to stay or is it a fad?

Phones with slide camera

Oppo Find X

These are the phones with sliding camera that we will see in 2018

It is the forerunner of this fashion. True to its principles of innovating with new proposals, Oppo presented its Find X with a very elegant design that was characterized by including an automatic mechanism that was responsible for showing and hiding the top of the phone. This mobile piece is activated when the terminal is unlocked (it does not have a fingerprint reader, so it forces facial recognition) or when activating the camera.

Thanks to this, the design of the device maintains very elegant lines that do not present any external element, since there are no cameras or sensors in sight that break their aesthetics.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3

These are the phones with sliding camera that we will see in 2018

The next to show a sliding front camera would be the future Xiaomi Mi MIX 3. The phone is more than filtered, and even the company itself is willing to show it in the odd publication on social networks. It’s an open secret , so we can talk about a team that will have in its case a mobile structure that we will have to move manually. You just have to push down the screen so that the front camera is in view and you can focus correctly.

Honor Magic 2

These are the phones with sliding camera that we will see in 2018

Another who is also willing to enter the slippery fashion in Honor . The manufacturer already showed us in the past IFA a first look at the appearance of his new Magic 2, and made it clear that it would include a retractable front camera thanks to the screen slid down. The phone will be presented in the coming weeks, so there is not much to know officially.

Transient trend?

The doubt we have about these designs is if they are truly here to stay. It is clear that they are a very interesting solution for those looking for a phone that has the largest screen surface possible, but we must see how aging these sliding systems to assess whether they are worthwhile before suffering some kind of notch.

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