These are the phones on which you can install Android 9 Pie


Since it was officially launched on August 6, Android 9 Pie has been coming little by little to certain manufacturers and models, however, the deployment of the update is being quite slow in most cases, so many users opt for install third party ROMs with which you can enjoy the new functions of the operating system as soon as possible.

With the idea that you can get an idea of ​​how much you have left for your phone to receive Android 9 Pie, or if there is a solution with which to get it, we have compiled a list of the official and third party solutions that exist to date. today.

Install Android 9 Pie officially

These are the phones on which you can install Android 9 Pie

Today there are not many devices that have available update to Android 9 Pie . The first to do so were obviously Google Pixel and the Essential Phone , although some others quickly appeared, benefited by participating in the Android beta program. The list of terminals with official updates to Android 9 Pie is as follows:

To get up to Android 9 on these devices you will only have to go through the system settings menu and manually check for new updates (if the phone has not already done so automatically).

These are the innovations of Android 9 Pie

Install Android 9 Pie with the help of third-party ROMs

These are the phones on which you can install Android 9 Pie

The world of ROMs is gigantic. Many developers are working on launching new tools with which to give a new life to different terminals, and in the case of system updates, the only goal of this work is to bring new versions of Android to terminals without support official, or simply speed up the process for those who are tired of waiting for the manufacturer’s response.

The problem with these updates is that most have errors in the system that impede the perfect functioning of the terminal. Some installations do not manage to make Bluetooth work, others LTE connectivity, etc., so in case you are interested in installing one of these ROMs we recommend that you take a look at the corresponding thread of XDA-Developers so that you are aware of all the limitations that you can find.














Install an official beta

These are the phones on which you can install Android 9 Pie

Some brands like Huawei are offering the possibility of installing a beta of their next update to be able to test the new improvements that will be included with the next version of EMUI . To get it you have to enter the betas program, and the devices that can enter the program are the following:

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