These are the new Samsung processors for cars

These are the new Samsung processors for cars

Samsung has been manufacturing its own processors for years, those we know under the name Exynos . We have all heard about his creations, which can be found in many of the smartphones of the Asian giant.

However, these devices are not the only ones that have Samsung chips as processors. Today we have learned that the Asian firm will create two new projects to bring the latest advances to the world of automobiles .

Samsung aims to bring the latest advances to the automotive

As indicated by Samsung itself

“Samsung’s new automotive brand solutions, Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto, bring Samsung’s market-proven technologies to automotive applications with enhanced features and durability required by the market.”

Samsung aims to have the best advances and respond to the needs of the market and leaves evidence in these statements. We can know different Exynos Auto processors, divided into categories like Exynos Auto V , for information systems, Exynos Auto A for assistance in driving, and Exynos Auto T , destined to telematics. But how can this technology help cars?

These are the new Samsung processors for cars

Thanks to the ISOCELL image sensors, cars can identify all types of objects on the road, even in low light conditions. Also helped by wide-angle systems, vehicles will be able to anticipate any danger on the road, either in the city or passing a tunnel.

In the end, everything is based on increasing the intelligence of our cars, and therefore our safety . We must not forget that technology is there to help us, and if we are able to save lives thanks to it, what else can we ask for?

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