These are the best antivirus for Android phones according to a report


It does not matter if it’s summer or winter, it rains or makes it unbearably hot, hackers and malware are always willing to make a bad move and get our data or worse. That’s why it’s always good to know what the best antivirus for Android phones , according to has revealed a report.

Without a doubt one of the ballasts of Android respect to other systems, such as iOS, is the incidence of viruses and malware on our mobile phones, being much more present than we would like, even demonstrating the security of the antivirus itself.

This is the list of the best Android mobile antivirus

As we have known thanks to ADSLZone , has been the independent security company AV-Test, which has revealed a complete list of the best antivirus for Android mobile of the moment. In it we can find up to 22 antivirus, which have been rated for their performance in three specific facets. How are the protection, usability and features. The first two facets added 6 points, while the last added a single point.

These are the best antivirus for Android phones according to a report

Well, based on the study, it can be said that the best antivirus for Android phones are Avast, Bitdefender, G Data, Kaspersky Lab, PSafe, Symantec, Tencent and Trend Micro , not necessarily in this order, since all have obtained the same score of 13 points, so they are the most complete in the facets tested. Very close to these antivirus, we find one of the most popular, as is the McAfee, which gets a very close score of 12.8 points. An important fact has to do with the antivirus that have been able to protect us better against malware.

These are the best antivirus for Android phones according to a report

These are those of Alibaba, Avast, McAfee and PSafe. It draws a lot of attention, which is Google’s solution to defend and protect us from viruses and malware, has not even obtained the AV-Test certificate which proves that it is a valid solution to protect against threats on the mobile. No doubt a list that can serve as a reference when choosing a good antivirus for our Android mobile. Although the truth, what would be good news, would be precisely that they should not be used in our phones. In any case, from Movilzona we invite you to enter our Android forums to exchange impressions with other enthusiasts of the Google operating system.

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