These are the 3 possible Samsung Galaxy S10 models that we will see next year


On more than one occasion we have faced different rumors about the renewal of the Galaxy S range that Samsung has prepared for next year. Be 3 or four models of Samsung Galaxy S10 that we see in the MWC next week, today Bloomberg advances the strategy of the Korean company to face the current , and .

Since the middle of the year it has been talking about 3 models of Samsung Galaxy S10 that, for the moment, are baptized with the name “Beyond”. The Beyond 0 would be the cheapest terminal in the line and would probably be equipped with three camera sensors and a 5.8-inch screen. This would be in charge of facing the iPhone XR. The so-called Beyond 1 would be the successor of the Galaxy S9 and, in addition to a dual camera, would mount a 6.2-inch curved screen. Obviously, this would be Samsung’s response to the iPhone XS.

These are the 3 possible Samsung Galaxy S10 models that we will see next year

What would happen to the third model? And oh surprise! With the room?

A Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and another flexible

As detailed in the information media, the company is preparing to launch a phone ready to operate with 5G networks, a cheaper model of its flagship phone, the classic plus model and a phone with a folding screen, the so-called In this way, this would be the 4 Samsung Galaxy S10 models that the manufacturer could present the next MWC in Barcelona.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 cheap? : The most economical Samsung model will have a 5.8-inch OLED screen curved on both sides, with rounded corners and almost no bevels at the top and bottom. To face the “cheap iPhone” Samsung would mount a triple camera on the back, similar to the one offered by the Galaxy A7 of 2018. Of course, it would have a more traditional fingerprint sensor.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 : The standard model and which gives the name to the range would grow to 6.2 inches and would be the first 5G smartphone from Samsung. In addition, it would also release the fingerprint sensor under the screen.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Same as the Samsung Galaxy S10, but reaching a size of almost 6.5 inches.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 X : This would be the signature folding phone. A smartphone still in development in which the company is debating between two prototypes: one that folds horizontally and another vertical. For technical reasons, this model would dispense with the fingerprint reader on the screen. It is expected that its weight is around 200 grams, so the space for the battery should be quite limited.

We expect Samsung to present its Samsung Galaxy S10 in late February or early March. By then sure that numerous previous leaks have finished shaping the future buffers of the brand range.

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