These are all official Xiaomi stores in Spain

These are all official Xiaomi stores in Spain

The official stores of Xiaomi in Spain are multiplying, since the firm officially landed in Spain a few months ago, since then it has started to open stores in our country, as well as to collaborate with large distribution companies already located here as Fnac or MediaMarkt, which is always very positive to increase its visibility for the general public.

Now, after a few months since that arrival we find that there are already about ten official Xiaomi stores in Spain, and for that reason, we want to offer you this article -which will always be updated-, in which we will tell you all about the official stores of Xiaomi, and the details of each one of these.

These are all official Xiaomi stores in Spain

Official Xiaomi stores in Spain: Madrid

The official stores of Xiaomi in Madrid are, at the moment, five, by far the Autonomous Community in which there is more. And here Xiaomi has been smart and has located its stores has opened its stores only in shopping centers, which is a great benefit for the company. At the end of the day, when we buy in a shopping center we entertain ourselves more, and we can afford to spend time trying the mobile phones or comparing them, while in a store at street level, people usually go by without too much fun, as is normal.

North Plaza 2

The first of the official Xiaomi stores in Spain What we are going to teach you today is in the Plaza Norte 2 shopping center, in San Sebastian de los Reyes, just outside Madrid city, and it was one of the first establishments to open its doors under the umbrella of Xiaomi.

The trough

On the other hand we have the official shop of Xiaomi La Vaguada Mall, this time in the Barrio del Pilar, a relatively central location, pretty well connected thanks to the M-30. A very strategic location that Xiaomi chose for its first official store in Spain.


And, if we go to the south of Madrid, we can find another of the official Xiaomi stores in Spain located in the capital, that of the Xanadú Shopping Center, which is also on the outskirts, and which, until the opening of the Parquesur store, is the most accessible for the inhabitants of the area.

Sun Gate

But undoubtedly, one of the Xiaomi stores in Spain best located, if not the best, is the Puerta del Sol, since it is located in the heart of Madrid, which implies a large influx of people, and, moreover, it is only a few meters away from the best-known Apple Store in Spain!

Full moon

One of the last stores of Xiaomi in Spain to open has been the Plenilunio Shopping Center, and, without a doubt, it has been worth the wait, since it is one of the best located stores, being in the east of Madrid, in an area of ​​easy access.

Official Xiaomi stores in Spain: Catalonia

On the other hand, the company He also decided to open a store in the city of Barcelona, ​​and it seems that he will not be the only one, since in the not too distant future the company is expected to open another store in Barcelona.

Barcelona – Gran Via 2

At the moment, this is the only store located in Barcelona, ​​and we will be able to find this one in the Gran Via 2 shopping center, which is located in Avinguda Granvia, in Hospitalet de Llobregat. And, for now, It is the only Xiaomi store in the north of the Peninsula, although it will not take long to be accompanied.

These are all official Xiaomi stores in Spain

Official Xiaomi stores in Spain: Andalusia

Yes, at last there is an official Xiaomi store in Andalusia, and it’s something we’ve been waiting for quite a while. The Chinese company has decided to go to southern Spain to start its expansion in that area of ​​the Peninsula, and we are sure that nothing will go wrong.

Granada – Nevada Shopping

Granada has been the chosen city to locate the first official Xiaomi store in Andalusia, and this is in the Shopping Mall Nevada Shopping, in Armilla, just outside the city.

Upcoming openings:


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