The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will arrive in September copying to the VIVO Nex S


A couple of days ago two images that could belong to Xiaomi’s new mobile screen, the third generation of the popular model of the Chinese that began its journey two years ago with the first Xiaomi Mi Mix whose design was imitated by all smartphone manufacturers. Later, it is Xiaomi who imitates the design of the VIVO Nex S , or so it seems, to give life to your Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 .

The images filtered days ago showed a pretty striking aspect in its design , and that could suppose a before and after in the look of this Xiaomi model . However, nowadays, and after the presentation of large terminals such as the Oppo Find X or the VIVO smartphone that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, we see that Xiaomi You must resort to copying these manufacturers to give life to your new mobile.

And is that in social networks Xiaomi has published a teaser announcing the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 for September anticipating a design where the screen acquires all the leading role along with a retractable camera, identical to that found in the VIVO Nex S. It’s just a sketch, but obviously the silhouette reminds the VIVO terminal.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will arrive in September copying to the VIVO Nex S

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with pop-up camera

The image that opens this news is not a concept of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 , is the I live Nex S presented just a couple of weeks ago and is, according to a new filtered image that appeared on Chinese social networks, as will the new terminal of the Mi Mix line. This filtering makes it quite clear that Xiaomi will also equip the Mi Mix 3 with a pop-up camera, even though the name of the device is nowhere to be found. Even so, it seems quite evident that, by date and design, we talked about the entire screen smartphone that stars in one of the most attractive ranges of the Chinese manufacturer. In addition, it must be remembered that the manufacturer requested in the past a patent for a device design with a pop-up camera that also includes an LED flash.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will arrive in September copying to the VIVO Nex S

According to the information that accompanies the image, the phone should be presented sometime in September, the same date in which older smartphones of the same family are usually presented. It will be in two months when we confirm if the similarity between the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and the VIVO Nex S It is as obvious as this teaser seems to show.

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