The Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S will have the Mi Mix 3 camera thanks to an update


If not long ago you bought a Mi 8 or Mi Mix 2s and now you look with envy and desire to the new Mi Mix 3 – on the cover -, know that there is something that Xiaomi can do to mitigate your frustration. It turns out that the firm has confirmed that these phones will receive an update soon that will allow them to enjoy the photographic advantages of the Chinese smartphone presented yesterday .

Both the Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S have something that closely resembles the new phone of the Asian company. We refer to your photographic system, which assembles exactly the same pieces of hardware in all three models. That is why Xiaomi will soon work its magic so that its phones have at their fingertips the possibilities of the latest smartphone in its catalog.

A matter of software

The co-founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, has confirmed that the Mi Mix 3 camera is the same as that of Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S, only that the first has some software optimizations that have allowed it to have a better performance at the time to capture scenes.

Remember that the phone of the house, presented yesterday, has a combination of dual cameras of 12 megapixels , with Sony CMOS sensor (IMX 363) and camera module Samsung S5K3M3 +, just the same pack present in the mentioned Mi 8 and My Mix 2s. That is why Xiaomi has announced that it has already commissioned its developers an update for these phones, which allows them to release and update their cameras to enjoy all the benefits of Mi Mix 3.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S will have the Mi Mix 3 camera thanks to an update

And it is worth remembering that the Mi Mix 3 camera has obtained a score of 103 (108 obtained in photography and 93 in video) within the famous DxOmark ranking , surpassing the iPhone X , Samsung Galaxy S9 + and the Huawei P20 , among others – in addition to matching the Galaxy Note 9 and the HTC U 12+ , for example. On the other hand, Mi Mix 2S has a score of 97 points and Mi 8 of 99 in the same test.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S will have the Mi Mix 3 camera thanks to an update

In Gizmochina remember that since Xiaomi opened a department dedicated to the development and research of photographic units, the company has made a quantum leap in this field. The phones in the house have improved a lot in this aspect since its inception, with a greater emphasis on the treatment of image and its quality than in a race to have more pixels than anyone without any sense.

Let’s see if Xiaomi does not do much of begging and the update comes soon. We will continue informing you, neglect.

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