The Xiaomi Mi 5 is now compatible with Project Treble


Project Treble It is a project that wants to change the panorama of the universe Android eliminating forever the criticized fragmentation of Google’s operating system. We could say that it is the Internet giant’s way of turning Android into IOS, unifying operating system versions and updates.

The most striking advantage of Project Treble , is that the mobiles that make use of this system will be able to work with a double operative system, the own one of the brand and a version of Android Stock . At least that’s how it would work on paper. In this way they could be applied ROMs newer to older phones

Not all mobile phone manufacturers seem to trust this new Google system, but there are others, such as Xiaomi, who are beginning to present different progress in the way of this new system. After seeing how the Xiaomi Mi 5S became compatible with Project Treble , now is his younger brother.

Project Treble on the Xiaomi Mi 5

Although it is a technology that is currently unknown to the common user, those who are more knowledgeable about the subject are already asking when their phones will receive support for Project Reble, in order to establish a common pattern in the near future rather than the distant future. Xiaomi fans, from now on, have two compatible phones with Project Treble: the Xiaomi Mi 5S and the Xiaomi Mi 5 .

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is now compatible with Project Treble

Although, officially, Project Treble can only be found on devices that were launched with Android Oreo, third-party developers have created a way to bring Project Treble to these phones. Of course it is an unofficial version that can cause performance problems in the mentioned phones.

The owners of a Xiaomi Mi 5 , having the same empty partition as the Xiaomi Mi 5S , have not had to wait long to discover compatibility with Project Treble. Again it has been the same group of JDCTeam developers who have brought the system to Phone of Xiaomi, a terminal that, of course, did not reach the market with Android 8.0 Oreo factory, because the mobile came to stores 2 years ago.

This time the project in question is still in the alpha phase, so besides not being official, we can not expect everything to work at the same time.

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