The update of Android 9 for the Xiaomi Mi A1, much closer


The Xiaomi Mi A1 has been the most popular mid-range of this last year, without a doubt, until the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi A2 last summer. Now we have known that the update to Android 9 for the Xiaomi Mi A1 , to be seen in a performance test with this software.

Precisely this week we told you that the Xiaomi Mi A1 was at a minimum price on Amazon, where we have seen it for less than 150 euros, a scandal price for an almost perfect mobile phone in the mid-range.

You can see the update of Android 9 for the Xiaomi Mi A1

Thanks to the Android One program, mobiles can be updated to the latest versions of the operating system quickly, at least more than the way that other manufacturers’ mobile phones do, including Xiaomi when it comes to updating with MIUI. Although it is true that the Mi A1 has not been characterized by being the fastest, it seems that the update is already underway, or at least the tests to launch it. That is what reveals the image we have known today, the passing of the phone through the performance test of Geekbench .

The update of Android 9 for the Xiaomi Mi A1, much closer

The step by Geekbench of the Xiaomi Mi A1 leaves no doubt that Android 9 for this terminal is already a reality, so we can see how the software that integrates the phone in the test is Android 9. Otherwise there is nothing new, since it does not stop being the same mobile that so many know and enjoy. So this can not mean anything else than the Android 9 update of the Xiaomi Mi A1 is closer than ever, and that is a reality at Xiaomi’s headquarters.

The update of Android 9 for the Xiaomi Mi A1, much closer

Of course we do not have a crystal ball to know when this update of Android 9 will be released for the Xiaomi Mi A1, but if we already have it in Geekbench, it should not take many weeks for the beta to begin , so It is expected that before the end of the year I can reach all the Xiaomi Mi A1. Although with the jump to Android 8 was made to pray some more month, hopefully it does not take too long and we can enjoy as soon as possible this latest version of the operating system of Google in one of the most popular mobile phones of the moment.

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