The two essential applications to enjoy the World Cup from your Android

The two essential applications to enjoy the World Cup from your Android

After presenting youand less than a week before it starts, it’s time to see how our mobile can improve the experience of the most followed soccer event in the world.

In effect, today we are going to give you two applications for your Android smartphone that on the one hand will help you to follow all the news and on the other will increase your entertainment for this summer.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Official App

First of all we have a the official FIFA application for this World Cup . Designed by themselves, it is a mix of news, information and tourist guide of Russia. Its most important qualities are:

  • Mark selections as favorites and receive notifications at the moment about your news, results and other

  • You can read all the news of all areas related to the cup, as well as relive the most popular moments of its history

  • See the complete calendar of the entire competition, with its schedules and various information of the teams. For example, alignments, player biographies, stadiums …

  • Relevant information about Russia and football, like the host cities of the World Cup, the weather, its history …

Official FIFA application for the World Cup

FIFA Football: FIFA World Cup

In second place we have the official World Cup game. Basically, it is a great update to “tune” the game with the selections, the players and coaches, the stadiums … It also changes its interface with the details and the borders of the World Cup.

In addition, we can form a team (ultimate team), simulate the World itself (but with us as players), play on-line with our friends and enjoy a new way: Attack mode . Requires, however, constant internet connection.

Official FIFA World Cup game

Both applications They are free and you can download them directly from your mobile in the Play Store . The first weighs 7.3M, while the game is much heavier. Specifically, we will have to download an additional “package” of data.

Have you tried either? What do you think?


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