The stickers in augmented reality of Pixel 2 arrive at the LG G7


We just know that LG just scored a rather interesting, and it could be the first smartphone to be targeted to one of the funniest options of Google Pixel, the official devices of the company. And is that LG has just announced that the stickers in augmented reality will become part of the native application of the camera of the LG G7 ThinQ , the last flagship presented by the company within the G series.

The stickers in augmented reality will reach the LG G7 ThinQ within its next software update , so this is a benefit that will reach all users of this smartphone, regardless of the operator or if they are free units or not.

What are the stickers in augmented reality?

Well the truth is that they are something quite fun that gave a lot to talk about during the presentation of Google Pixel 2 Y Pixel 2 XL last year.

Basically they offer us the possibility to create “mixed” photographs where the real and the virtual go hand in hand from the moment of the creation of the photo, and not as something that is subsequently applied to it.

The stickers in augmented reality of Pixel 2 arrive at the LG G7

In this way we can carry out very creative compositions in which users can prepare the scene having in mind the final photographic composition, since we can see through the screen of the device as it would be photographic result before the photograph has been taken.

The stickers in augmented reality of Pixel 2 arrive at the LG G7

Already at the time Google announced the celebration of different agreements with some of the most important franchises and companies that allowed them to develop stickers packages that could be attractive and interesting for users, such as the Star Wars stickers that we showed you in this article and that were more than welcome by the most fans of the saga.

Google has promised that little by little it will be expanding the number of stickers in augmented reality as it reaches such agreements, although users also have the possibility to use stickers created by Google itself thematic more than varied.

The stickers in augmented reality of Pixel 2 arrive at the LG G7

The LG G7 ThinQ is therefore the first device beyond the Google Pixel, to incorporate this functionality completely native, something that is possible thanks to the use of the system Google’s ARCore , that allows to create experiences of Augmented Reality in more than 100 million devices.

Last February Google announced that it would priority to the most powerful models of some of the brands that have already collaborated as manufacturers of their devices in the past, among which are LG, HTC and Samsung, but also intends to extend this new feature to other brands of lower weight in the market, on all when ARCore is more refined, something that will begin to be a reality after the platform passes through at least two test versions for developers.

The stickers in augmented reality of Pixel 2 arrive at the LG G7

Although nothing has been announced yet, and taking into account the new functions such as animojis and the memojis triumph among the younger audience, we do not believe that the stickers in augmented reality take too long to reach other 2018 flagships, and may even be part of the future Samsung Galaxy Note 9, although this is only a guess.

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