The smallest mobile Android 8.1 in the world faces a tough endurance test

The smallest mobile Android 8.1 in the world faces a tough endurance test

Its screen is only 2.45 inches, and therefore. The Unihertz Atom, and in only 60 seconds he obtained 43,053 euros of financing that his creators requested to carry out the project. Now, the terminal must live up to its tough smartphone title, through a tough endurance test courtesy of the acquaintance youtuber JerryRigverything.

The test, recorded on video and available under these lines, tests some of the essential aspects of the terminal design , including its hardness before scratches or the resistance of its screen to the fire. Will this little guy be able to withstand everything that awaits him?

Unihertz Atom, the smallest ultra-resistant mobile in the world, tested

Before commenting on the result of this endurance test, it is worth taking a look at the technical features of the phone. Is about a smartphone whose body only measures 96 millimeters high and 45 wide , although the thickness stands out for its almost 20 millimeters. On the front it hides a 2.45-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 342 pixels, and inside it is an eight-core processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz, which is supported by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage . Its creators also do not neglect the photographic section, with a rear sensor of 16 megapixels, and a front one of 8.

Another curious detail is the inclusion of a rear fingerprint reader, as well as USB port Type C and Dual SIM compatible with 4G. Its price will be around 250 euros to change , and the deliveries will begin as of October of this same year.

The smallest mobile Android 8.1 in the world faces a tough endurance test

Now, as soon as Zack puts his hands on the terminal to check his endurance, we realize that the terminal is built to last. Her body, Made of rubber, aluminum and plastic with protection against water and dust IP68 , is able to withstand most tests without problems, and its glass screen — not only shows signs of weakness when the element with which you intend to damage exceeds level 6 in

Nor does it seem to affect the fire to your LCD panel too much, because this technology is able to recover the pixels once they return to their normal temperature. Another detail to highlight, is that the terminal will be able to resist torsion , since its chassis does not show even the slightest flexion when exerting force at the ends with a central point of support.

It is evident that the device is able to withstand most of the tests it faces, demonstrating that the hardness is, without a doubt, its main attraction . That, if we leave aside that this little guy has a more recent version of Android that


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