The size of the next iPhone X 2018 is confirmed thanks to this photograph


There is less left for Apple to present the new iPhone X 2018, 3 devices of which at this point we already know many details, but still, they have enough secrets inside. It is expected that the successors of the current iPhone X come in September, but while the expected official presentation arrives, today we calm your curiosity with a leak of Ben Geskin , a “leaker” with a lot of tradition in the iPhone world that has had the detail of showing a real photo of the crystals that will cover the screens of the iPhone X 2018.

In this photograph you can see how effectively There will be 3 different sizes for each of the 3 models of iPhone X 2018, one of them being LCD type, more specifically, the most economical iPhone X that will have a diagonal of 6.1 inches. This photograph is home to everything we knew so far about the size and screen technology of the upcoming iPhone X , and if there was little room for doubt, now even less.

Effectively, the 6.1-inch iPhone X 2018 will use LCD technology

If you are wondering how it is possible to know based on the photograph of a crystal which will be the screen technology of a smartphone, the key lies in the thickness of the side frames. Indeed, if we look at the image published on Twitter by Ben Geskin, You can clearly see how the side edges of the iPhone X 2018 cheaper are slightly higher to those of the other 2 models.

Apple is not a company characterized by doing things without criteria, so the only plausible excuse for one of the 3 models to have the thickest bevels is the fact that the panels LCDs are less flexible that the AMOLED used in the iPhone X 2018 of 5.8 inches and in the iPhone X Plus 6.5 inches, which is why the thickness varies between the iPhone X 2018 cheap and its brothers. Here is the photo in question:

Geskin has also allowed himself the luxury of publishing a render showing us how the 3 devices would be in the whole, in order to better appreciate their design and size differences:

The size of the next iPhone X 2018 is confirmed thanks to this photograph

For the rest, little else is known about the upcoming iPhone X 2018, beyond which the 3 will share an Apple SoC Bionic A12 very powerful, they will include amounts of RAM that will oscillate between 3 and 4 GB of RAM depending on the model and will enjoy the well-known system of facial recognition of Apple Face ID (TrueDepth).

Apple will improve the battery of the iPhone X 2018 with its own chip

Regarding prices, it is expected that the most economical iPhone X 2018 will be the 700 euros , while the standard 5.8-inch model costs about 900 euros . Finally, the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus is more than possible to raise its cost up to 1000 euros As minimum.

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