The secret weapon of Moto G6: its advanced image creation software


When we buy a new phone it is clear that we look at its price, its power or its design, but in recent years the camera has become a turning point when it comes to choosing to buy a smartphone or another. When analyzing the photographic component of a phone, many look at the hardware: its lenses, the sensors … but we can not forget who is responsible for generating the best possible images, the camera software. And this is where the Moto G6 stands out from its competitors.

The main camera of the Moto G6 is composed of a double 12 + 5 mpx sensor with aperture f.1.8. The combination of both allows the camera software to offer different focusing modes, such as the Bokeh effect, but the smartphone camera hides inside an advanced image creation software that makes it stand out against the multimedia section of the camera. phones from other manufacturers that move in the same price range or even higher.

The secret weapon of Moto G6: its advanced image creation software

Advanced image creation software

These possibilities offered by the motorola camera app go far beyond allowing the user to manually control the capture or add the classic color filters to the captured images. One of the advantages of Moto G6 is to be able to use advanced image creation software that allows us, among many other things, to generate studio-quality portraits, record timelapse videos, apply fun facial filters or manipulate independent the colors of our photographs.

The secret weapon of Moto G6: its advanced image creation software

You can choose from a host of shooting modes that allow you to not only create professional-looking portraits by exploiting the bokeh effect in its selective focus mode, but also select the tones of the photo to keep the subject’s color in the first place. flat, transforming the background to black and white tones. efecto pop art a nuestras fotografías escogiendo un color del marco para resaltarlo y transformándolo. In addition, color is also the protagonist of the c odor punctual mode to add pop art effect to our photographs choosing a color of the frame to highlight it and transform it.

But the front camera is not far behind. The sensor that sits just above the screen of the smartphone also has a software that allows you to apply facial filters and beautification modes in a similar way to what we can find in applications like Snapchat. In this way we can share funny selfies with our contacts without the need to download external applications.

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