The Samsung Galaxy S10 would release fingerprint reader on the screen … and on the side


Let’s stop to think. Samsung and Apple have always gone hand in hand with presentations of their terminals. Sometimes the Korean firm goes ahead, and sometimes the opposite happens. This year we have plenty of rumors that Apple is going to launch 3 phones new and weeks ago we came across the news that in 2019 we would see 3 new Samsung Galaxy S10 (apart from the Samsung Galaxy X ).

While the main differences between Apple’s 3 terminals would be in the size and manufacturing material of its screen, at first it seemed that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 would be differentiated by the number of camera sensors . With the code name Beyond 0 , Beyond 1 Y Beyond 2, Beyond 0 would be the cheapest terminal on the line and would probably be equipped with a single camera sensor and a 5.8-inch screen. The so-called Beyond 1 would be the successor of the Galaxy S9 + and, in addition to a dual camera, would mount a 6.2-inch curved screen. Beyond 2 would be very similar to Beyond 1, but with three cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 would release fingerprint reader on the screen ... and on the side

Today we have new clues about the differences between 3 Samsung Galaxy S10 that the firm would launch to the market in the MWC of 2019: the location of the fingerprint sensor in the devices.

Biometric sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S10

While the standard versions of Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus will include the fingerprint sensor on the screen, something that has already been leaked on numerous occasions, it seems that the cheapest model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 It will include a fingerprint reader, not on the screen or on the back cover, but on the side of the smartphone. An intelligent way to reduce manufacturing costs and eliminate criticism for the location of the biometric sensor in previous models of the Korean firm.

In this way, the Beyond 0, which for now we will name as Samsung Galaxy S10 cheap , would have the same design as the other two smartphones of the S10 range , except for the location of the fingerprint reader and the number of lenses in your camera. However, the leakster IceUniverse stresses that finally this particular model could also equip a dual camera

As in the future iPhone X of 2018, The third difference would be in the size of the screen. It is expected that Samsung’s basic model has a 5-inch screen while the Galaxy S10, which would be the direct successor of the Samsung Galaxy S9 , would have a similar screen, that is, around 5.8 inches. Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S10 more expensive will have a much larger screen of 6.44 inches and, for the first time for Samsung, a rear camera with three lenses.

It is still early to know if this will be the case high-end analogue of Samsung for next year, because with the Samsung Galaxy X in development, and the Galaxy Note 9 in the line of exit, the saturation of smartphone of the mark could confuse the user and ballast the sales of the company.

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