The Samsung Galaxy S10 + would have 5 cameras, according to a Korean media

The Samsung Galaxy S10 + would have 5 cameras, according to a Korean media

Not two, not three, not four: heI would have a total of five different cameras. This is confirmed by a leak from South Korea, the country of origin of the company, which specifies that the new star model ofIt would arrive with three cameras in its back, and two in the front to become one of the terminals with the largest number of photographic sensors we have seen to date –.

As the source points out, Samsung would be working on a configuration of its next terminal with five cameras. Apparently, the model chosen by the brand to incorporate such amount of sensors is the Samsung Galaxy S10 + , whose rear system would house, along with two other cameras, a third wide-angle.

Samsung Galaxy S10 +: triple rear camera with wide angle and two front sensors

The Samsung Galaxy S10 + would have 5 cameras, according to a Korean media

If the speculations that come to light through, everything points to the biggest change from the currentin photographic terms it would be the inclusion of the wide-angle sensor on its backside , being also the first terminal of the company to adopt a sensor of this type.

But there is still more. A supposed source close to the company, has assured that the Galaxy S10 + would include the same 12 megapixel camera of the current Galaxy S9 + , accompanying a telephoto sensor, also 12 megapixels. On the other hand, the wide-angle sensor would be 16 megapixels in size , with a viewing angle of up to 120 degrees.

For its part, on the front Samsung would have decided to add another pair of photographic sensors , something that we have already seen inreleased at the beginning of the year. However, from this dual system the technical details are unknown at the moment.

The filtration concludes with a review by the three different models that will be part of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family , known internally with the name “Beyond”. According to the data provided, these would be the differences at a photographic level between the three models:

  • Beyond 0 (Samsung Galaxy S10 Mini / Lite) : A camera on the front and a double camera on the back.
  • Beyond 1 (Samsung Galaxy S10) : A camera in the front and triple camera in the back.
  • Beyond 2 (Samsung Galaxy S10 +): Double front camera and triple rear camera.


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