The Samsung Galaxy S10 may not include an iris scanner


He Galaxy S10 It promises to be a device capable of combining the most innovative technologies on the market, and although we do not believe that Samsung will surprise us with an Oppo Find X design, we can expect this device to integrate the best of the best in terms of performance. , functions and photographic capabilities. But innovation sometimes involves leaving things behind, and the iris scanner could stay this time along the way, according to reports from Korea.

This information comes from the South Korean media “The Bell”, which explains that according to industry sources, Samsung has not made any scanner order of iris recently, which suggests that it is very possible that you have decided to dispense with it for your next flagship (with permission from the Galaxy X ).

The 3D sensor and the fingerprint reader are the culprits

If we look at it with perspective, it is logical that Samsung has decided not to resort to the iris scanner that until now included in its high ranges, since this does not have a good behavior in Low light conditions and it also becomes superfluous because Samsung plans to implement a structured light scanner similar to what we have seen in the iPhone X , Oppo Find X Y Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may not include an iris scanner

In addition to this scanner, Samsung will also bet on a fingerprint reader under the screen , so with two latest generation unlocking systems, the iris scanner is an added and unnecessary expense in a device where you want to save up to the last cent in production costs.

The fingerprint sensor under the screen, ready for the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 Plus will be a little bigger

According to The Bell, we can be sure that the code name of the project is Beyond, but this is not the most interesting, since another data that would have been leaked is that while the Galaxy S10 would continue staying in the 5.8 inches, the S10 Plus would raise its screen diagonal from 6.2 to 6.3 inches .

This supposes a slight increase of 0.1 inches with respect to its predecessor that, we suppose, will not entail an increase in the dimensions of the device, but would come accompanied by slightly smaller bevels.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may not include an iris scanner

We can not forget that there are still more than 6 months left for the presentation of the Galaxy S10 (and this is assuming that its presentation is ahead of January to leave the leading role of MWC 2019 to the Galaxy X), so that Samsung could still have problems in the development of his 3D facial scanner system and decide to cancel it in favor of the traditional system he had been using until now.

Although the latter is quite unlikely, it does make us be aware of facts like this, as they are indicative of what we could finally see in the next Samsung flagship. We have no choice but to have patience.

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