The Samsung Galaxy S10 camera could use 3D technology


Not a month ago that the Samsung Galaxy S9 It was presented and we already have the first information about his successor. We do not know his definitive name since there are rumors that suggest that Samsung will change the nomenclature of your next flagship, but it seems that the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera , or as it is finally called, it will surprise us.

Although the facial recognition system of the Samsung Galaxy S9 works really well, the solution seen in the iPhone X is still the most complete. For now. And is that according to The Investor, the Korean manufacturer has teamed up with an Isrealí startup to to equip the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera with 3D technology to improve face recognition.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 camera could use 3D technology

The Samsung Galaxy S10 camera will recognize faces much better

We talk about Mantis Vision , a company created in 2005 and based in Petach Tikva and that is working on the development of a 3D system for the smartphones of the Korean manufacturer. And the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera, or even the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, could end up adopting this technology.

For this, Mantis Vision is collaborating with Namuga, a company specializing in camera modules, to integrate its 3D detection software to the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera . Namuga is one of the leading camera providers for Samsung’s mid-range and entry-level terminals, in addition to working with Intel and its 3D detection cameras.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 camera could use 3D technology

These 3D cameras they are able to detect faces much more completely. And it is the technology that uses iPhone X , hence its advantage over its competitors. Seeing how the market progresses in this aspect it is clear that facial recognition systems are gaining more and more weight in the sector so it was expected that Samsung would end up betting on this technology.

This means that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will not have a fingerprint reader under the screen ? Not at all. Both technologies can be fully compatible, using one system or another depending on our needs. Now we can only wait to confirm this fact, although it is clear that, if Samsung is collaborating with Mantis Vision, it is so that the camera of its next flagship will better recognize the faces.

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