The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy X would exchange presentation dates


These days we are witnessing a large number of leaks about the Samsung Galaxy X , the first folding smartphone of the Korean firm that would reach the market in 2019. But, at what time? The smartphone that Samsung works on would be completely altering the brand’s launch schedule, directly affecting the Samsung Galaxy S10 .

At the end of the first quarter of 2018 we began to hear the first “siren songs” announcing that the Samsung Galaxy S10 could suffer an advance in its presentation because of, precisely, the Samsung folding smartphone of which yesterday we knew that, in addition to screen, would release a flexible battery . Today this information reappears on our page after almost making sure that the Samsung Galaxy X will take the place of the Galaxy S10 at the MWC of Barcelona next year.

Samsung Galaxy S10 at CES 2019

And is that the folding smartphone could become the next top of the range of the firm, relegating to Samsung Galaxy S10 to a “secondary” place. For this reason Samsung would have the intention of giving it all the prominence of the next MWC of 2019, also celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy S range. When would we know then the Samsung Galaxy S10 ?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy X would exchange presentation dates

In Weibo , sources close to the company with a clean history of leaks about the South Korean brand ensures that the next Samsung devices have exchanged their launch windows for the same reason we expressed a little above. According to the new information, Samsung’s first folding smartphone will be made official in the CES 2019 which is celebrated the second week of the month of January in Las Vegas. In this way, the rumors of an advance in the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S10 , which would be shown at the technology fair in Barcelona after this year’s Samsung Galaxy s8 was presented at its own event.

This returns to Samsung Galaxy X to its initial place. The idea is that Samsung’s mobile phone is the first smartphone of the brand we know in 2019, so the ideal is to show it at the American fair, with a view to making the smartphone available for purchase in February, coinciding with the presentation of S10. There is talk that the Galaxy X will be a limited edition device , since the company is expected to manufacture only between 300,000 and 500,000 units. Its price could exceed 1,500 euros.

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