The Samsung Galaxy Note9 would hit stores on August 24

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 would hit stores on August 24

Heapproaches . There is less than a month waiting until the presentation of one of the most important terminals that are coming in this second half of the year, becausethat will take place in New York City.

We already know the vast majority of its specifications, details about its design and the date of presentation, but, When can you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note9? According to several sources confirmed to, the market launch of the terminal will take place only a few days after its presentation, specifically, on August 24 according to the latest leaks.

August 24: the most likely release date for the Galaxy Note9

11 days That would be the time we would have to wait from the moment of the phone presentation on August 9, until his arrival at the stores on the 24th according to sources close to the company. Apparently,It intends to advance the launch as much as possible, with the aim of starting to harvest sales before Apple presents its next generation of iPhone in September.

As indicated by a senior executive of a telecommunications company, the period of reservations of the terminal will begin only one day after the event Unpacked 2018 , on August 10th, to start sales on the 24th. Taking into account that the Galaxy Note8 arrived at the market on September 15th, the Note9 would advance more than 20 days to its predecessor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 would hit stores on August 24

Today, there are hardly any details to know about the new Galaxy Note9. We know that the device will keep a design practically traced to Note8 , with 6.4 inches screen and reduced frames, and the only notable differences will be found in the back, due to a new horizontal dual camera format, and a fingerprint reader located just below . Currently, the only data that is unknown about the smartphone is its price, although I am afraid that we will not have to wait too long until we discover it.


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