The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not release the processor

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not release the processor

It is getting less, and that is just over a month, you will see the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 , the true top of range of the South Korean firm. The doubts about your hardware are dissipating, and that isthey reveal the continuity of Note 9, to which we are already accustomed by Samsung.

It is not a bad idea to repeat the one that already works, improving the weakest points, and Samsung is clear that the Note 9 must be born to be a top sales, and everything points to that it will be. Today we have news about a new Samsung processor that is underway , but that will not arrive in time for Note 9. The S10 will be in charge of releasing it, as expected.

Exynos 9820 in sight

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not release the processor

Filters continue to do their job , and today we have news about how will the Samsung Galaxy S10 processor be . If anyone expected new features in the SoC Note 9, you should know that Samsung usually share processor throughout its high range throughout the year, unlike companies like Huawei, which endow the Mate range of the best processor available at the end of the year .

This new Exynos 9820 will be configured with 8 cores, distributed in a 2 + 2 + 4 configuration. ARM’s DynamIQ technology will be used to take full advantage of machine learning , which lets us glimpse that the AI ​​will be an important part of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The graph will be a Mali 67, built in a 7 nanometer process.

As always, we do not have many more details about the new Exynos, since Samsung usually reserves this type of information quite well. However, We really want to see how the new processor of the South Korean giant works , since it is one of the few firms capable of creating works equal to or superior to those of Qualcomm.


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