The Samsung battery that recharges in 12 minutes, ready for the Galaxy Note 10?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 battery has been one of the great novelties of the phablet, where the autonomy provided makes the model one of the best in its segment. However, there are signs that South Koreans will noticeably improve this section with the Galaxy Note 10 by including a graphene battery .

At the end of 2017 we echoed an interesting news within the framework of R & D. Samsung patented a graphene battery that offered great improvements compared to the current lithium ion . Today, information is beginning to spread that points to the end of the development of this type of batteries that could well enter the production phase very soon and be ready to debut on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 .

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Samsung’s graphene battery, list

Barely a year after learning about Samsung’s new solid-state batteries we have news about the project. If the filtration is finally confirmed, it would mean that one of Samsung’s research divisions – Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology – would have successfully completed the graphene battery testing phases.

A news that can be a symptom of a great impact in the sector if we value the changes and improvements that the integration of graphene in the chemical structure of the battery promises.

The data we handle from previous publications tell us that this Samsung graphene battery would have a higher charge density , but in turn the ability to be recharged at a dizzying speed.

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100% of the load in 12 minutes

So much so that, if taken to the production line, the next Samsung smartphone that integrates it would have an outstanding autonomy thanks to a load of 4,500 mAh with 45% more density . The Samsung battery that recharges in 12 minutes, ready for the Galaxy Note 10?

However, it is not the only incentive, since the speed of the charge would be up to five times higher than that of the current lithium-ion batteries of the firm. As much as to be able to recharge 100% of the battery in just 12 minutes . Undoubtedly, a breakthrough that would mean leaving behind the current record of signatures as Oppo with Oppo Find X or more recently Huawei with its Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which is able to replenish 70% of the load in half an hour.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the best placed model

It is still early to assess which model would be chosen to equip this new graphene battery. First we have to wait for the official confirmation of the signature. However, the same leaker responsible for spreading the news points out that the graphene battery could arrive in time to be released by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, expected in August or September 2019.

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Undoubtedly, an interesting news that shows a preview of how fast charging technologies will be enhanced in the immediate future by the introduction of new components in batteries.

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