The S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 will include a new charging system and functions for games


Next day August 9 is the one chosen by Samsung Koreans to present their next flagship: the Galaxy Note 9. A device from which the leaks are being more than numerous, and that, even so, still manages to keep a certain aura of mystery. At this point we know what the design of the Galaxy Note 9 and the performance characteristics they are not unknown either, but it seems that the S-Pen still keeps some secret up his sleeve.

Samsung wants the pen of the Galaxy Note 9 to be one of the main protagonists of the presentation, and that is why it has put a special emphasis on making this accessory something unique and very innovative. Although we have already known some rumors about the S-Pen, today we talk about a couple more, as their charging system will be special and may also have a great role in our games.

The S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 is loaded with news

It is difficult to believe that the accessory of one of the most powerful terminals in the world is going to be one of its main identifying features, but once the design lines do not seem to give more in 2018 for Samsung and the processor Exynos of shift is already an old acquaintance, the certain thing is that it has enough logic that Samsung has fixed in the Pen to try to contribute something of novelty with respect to the Galaxy Note 8.

The S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 will include a new charging system and functions for games

From the S-Pen of Galaxy Note 9 we already know a lot of things at this point, like the fact that it will have Bluetooth and possibly act as a wireless speaker and microphone for calling. We also know that this accessory will improve your grip and that it will release a new metallic-type manufacturing material, in addition to its sensitivity going up to 8192 points from the 4096 points that the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 8 supports, so it will be much more precise , especially in tasks such as drawing or writing notes.

The novelties of this S-Pen Galaxy Note 9 do not end here, as it is very possible that also released a new button that can be used as shutter for the camera , and if that were not enough, the Galaxy Note 9 screen would integrate a touch sensor for this accessory that would have a lower energy consumption.

The S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 9 will include a new charging system and functions for games

Thanks to the famous filtering Ice Universe , now we also know that the S-Pen will also attract attention for its charging system , and although he has not given any technical details of it, he assures us that it will be surprising.

Ice Universe has also given us another clue about the future S-Pen, and apparently, Samsung would have incorporated some specific functions for games , although he has not given any more information about it either.

For now, this is all the known data about the S-Pen, an accessory that as you can see, contains many things within its limited dimensions. It is more than possible that before August 9 we have new information about it, we will inform you of everything that circulates on the network.

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