The return of the flared jeans

Every so often, fashion decides to rescue some element of the past to give it a new twist. This is the case of the flared jeans, typical of the 1960s.

Do you remember that this type of pieces returned at the beginning of the new millennium? Well, they have done it again. The fashion runways during autumn and winter of 2017 were the stage for the return of these pieces, with small adjustments.

Therefore, by the beginning of 2018, the stained-glass windows of the clothing stores were displaying their mannequins with flared trousers. The high cut of the trousers and the design the wide boot remain. Only the sewing details have been adjusted to highlight the figure , in general.

The return of a fashion

The return of the flared jeans

The flared jeans were created by English fashion designer Mary Quant in the 60s. This designer also drove the miniskirt during this decade, which marked a historical trend.

Already in the 70s, the boot bell was not lacking in any wardrobe. Both men and women used this tendency to not clash in the aesthetic field. Nobody escaped the charm of this piece.

The wider the cut of the bell, the bolder it was who wore it. They took full advantage of bright colors and psychedelic prints. Even today, they are still a symbol of audacity and style.

Of course, unicolor flared jeans were also used. They could also be made with corduroy cloth instead of cowboy cloth.

Stylize your figure

The fashion consultant for the Macy’s chain of stores, Martha Gil de Montes , he thinks that the bell cut in the flared jeans favor the silhouette.

further this garment combines very well with upper pieces of narrow sleeves (blouses, sweaters, jackets and blouses).

Without a doubt, these pants are very practical and comfortable. That the pants start from the waist makes it stylize and pronounce the figure more.

On the other hand, having the bell cut begin at the knees can make you look taller. The illusion of height of the flared jeans It is accentuated more if you use them with heels. Thus, everyone will be able to perceive your legs lengthened

To make these 60s pants really shine, you must know their basic rules of dress. Nor can you escape any tip to achieve the perfect combination.

Look good

The return of the flared jeans

There are two basic rules for wearing bell-shaped jeans that will help you wear them safely and with style.

  1. They should always be used with high heel shoes high
  2. They look better with narrow-sleeved blouses.

Preferably, the heels must be run or platform to prevent the bell from bending. If you do not wear high heels with them, the bell would crawl on the floor and it would not have the movement that it should.

Shoes are an important accessory that you should not underestimate . The blouse is the second aspect that adds many points to a good look with flared jeans.

Must have tight sleeves so the outfit does not look overloaded . The blouses with wide sleeves or with a lot of fabric take away the prominence of the pants and do not look good.

Adapt them to your body

The measurements of your body and your stature are an influential factor when it comes to wearing flared jeans. For example, the so-called “elephant legs” are ideal for women with thick legs.

This variation is wide from above and not from the knees. Thus, the thighs thick and the figure looks more proportionate.

On the other hand, the classic flared cut is perfect if your legs are thin. You can wear them tight on the thighs until the knees with confidence and you will not have problems. In fact, these pants look especially good on thin and tall women.

Women of short stature and with more weight, are recommended to wear flared trousers without pockets. The front and back pockets could create an unfavorable visual effect with which they would look more plump.

For this same reason, Women with pronounced hips should avoid wearing prints and opt for the unicolor trousers of dark colors to stylize your figure.

Skinny pants vs. flared jeans

The return of the flared jeans

Surely, once you tried to amend some flared jeans to fit the fashion of skinny pants. Maybe, you also stopped using your favorite pants because nobody was with you in that trend anymore.

You can be happy because the reign of skinny trousers is over and you can rekindle your hippie spirit.

During the last few years, the trend of flared trousers was eclipsed by the cut trousers cigarette or tube. In fact, who still dressed in this fashion of the 60s could be called outdated.

The bell cut was displaced little by little. As the years passed, the boot narrowed and everyone got used to the style of skinny pants. The truth is that fashion works with cycles.

Trends come and go periodically. While skinny trousers are already part of the everyday style, bell-bottomed pants will always have a special place in people’s hearts.

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