The rate with infinite gigs of Yoigo will not disappear in July


Coinciding with the arrival of spring, Yoigo announced the first flat data rate in our country .We talk about the Unlimited gig rate whose contracting is about to end, since the brand itself indicated that it could only be contracted until June 30 of this year. Nevertheless, Yoigo wants to give us some more time to be able to enjoy the rate with more data from the market.

In case you still do not know, the unlimited gig rate of Yoigo i It includes infinite calls on the mobile, as well as infinite GB on the smartphone to navigate. It also offers fiber at home up to 1GB as well as the fixed telephone fee. Indeed, if you want to enjoy a flat data rate on the smartphone, you can only do so if you hire a package with the operator’s fiber. The prices of the offer vary between 99 euros, provided that we hire fiber of 50 MB, 109 euros if we hire fiber of 300 MB, or 129 euros if we choose to contract a speed of 1 GB.

The rate with infinite gigs of Yoigo will not disappear in July

More time to hire the flat data rate

A few minutes ago the portal Movilonia noted that infinite gig rate may be contracted beyond June 30. Then we have spoken with the operator’s sources to confirm this information, so if you are still thinking about them, you will have an extra time to hire the flat data + fiber rate offered by this operator’s offer.

Yoigo or Vodafone Which operator offers the best rate without gigs?

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to know how long the promotion will remain active, so we are still behind the operator to see if we can obtain this information and that you have all the details of this extension. It is also possible that this expansion of the supply of Yoigo come accompanied by some other change in the conditions of the Unlimited gig rate .

Beyond this novelty in the Rates of Yoigo , then we leave you all the details of the rates of all the operators updated today.

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