The price of the LG G6 is already close to 350 euros on Amazon


If during the last weeks we echoed the strong Price drop of the Samsung Galaxy S8 after the disembarkation of Samsung Galaxy S9 , something similar is happening with the price of the LG G6 . The shadow of LG G7 begins to take effect, an effect that adds to the gradual sales of which we have witnessed since the LG model was commercially launched a little less than a year ago.

It may not be the most powerful, nor the most current, but there is no doubt that the price of the LG G6 It is a strong reason to value your purchase. It does not stop being a flagship to which the competition has lowered to the orquídea of ​​prices more own of a model of average range. We do not exaggerate, and if not, check out the latest offer of the model at Amazon.

Price of the LG G6 on Amazon

During the last months, the price of the LG G6 has remained among the 400 and the 450 euros . However, the passage of time makes a dent. Not only the fact that the LG G7 is at the door, but the discounts applied in other models of the competition also encourages the price of the LG G6 keep descending The price of the LG G6 is already close to 350 euros on Amazon

As you can see in the link below, the Amazon store already allows buy the LG G6 at a price never seen before. At this time, it is possible to purchase two of the LG G6 versions in black and silver at a price of 352.99 euros .


LG G6, an option for small budgets

Although it has been a year since it was presented, the LG G6 is still an interesting purchase option for those users who have a reduced budget , which is not enough to reach the price rate that are fixed to models like the Galaxy S8, Huawei Mate 10 or similar.

As we have already indicated, in spite of the differences with respect to other models of the competition, the LG G6 has more than valid arguments if we value the relationship benefits and price offered by the Amazon offer. And if not, you can assess yourself the technical characteristics of the LG G6 through its data sheet and contrast them with those of others of their opponents through our mobile comparator .

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