The playground of Fortnite is finally available


We announced it last May and today it is finally available: the Playground mode of Fortnite it is a reality and it arrives next to the version 4.5 of the game. There are many new features and improvements in performance that this latest update brings as well as several adjustments and nerfeos that are made to some weapons, but we will focus on the new game mode, also called ” Playground Mode

The Playground mode of Fortnite is a new mode for a limited time in which a more relaxed approach is adopted than in the other modes of the game. Here we will not have to fight fiercely against the enemies to get to be the winning player or squad, but the objective is to explore the map better, test all the weapons and improve our constructive skills surrounded by our friends.

Changes in game dynamics

“Playground Mode” can be played in squads of up to 4 people and one of its main characteristics is that for the first time the fire friend , which means that we can hurt our teammates.

The playground of Fortnite is finally available

Another of its novelties is that for the first time there will be respawn , so the dead players will appear after a few minutes, making the games longer and more strategic and with the surprising component that this entails. Eye, that if a player dies because of the storm the respawn It wont be available , only works for deaths by friendly fire.

We already know when Fortnite arrives on Android

The duration of the game in the Playground mode of Fortnite will be 1 hour and it will develop in the usual scenario of the island. During that time we will have total freedom to do whatever we want, from testing weapons to building huge buildings, and storm will not begin to close until after the 55 minutes .

Many more weapons and materials, and flames everywhere

The new playground mode of Fortnite seeks to improve the skills of the players and the available resources are put at the service of this function.

The playground of Fortnite is finally available

During the game, we will have 10 times more resources when collecting , all types of weapons and ammunition and a total of 100 flames full of weapons will be spread across the map.

Unlike in the normal games, all the chests and boxes of ammunition , so we will have the opportunity to practice with all the weapons of the game.

Fortnite Playground Mode: now with double gun

With version 4.5 of Fortnite and also available in the Playground Mode we will have a new weapon called “Dual Gun” . Basically they are two pistols that fire at the same time and that has a base damage of between 41 and 43 points.

Dual pistols use medium ammunition and can be found in floor boots, supply deliveries and chests and are available in epic and legendary rarity variations.

The playground of Fortnite is finally available

With this we finish our review of all the novelties of the Playground of Fortnite, a style of game much more relaxed and carefree that only has one drawback: that everything we do during this type of games will not be taken into account in our stats or challenges of the game.

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