The Pixel camera receives Night Sight mode to make better night shots


In the presentation of its new generation of smartphones from Google , the firm announced a new feature for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL camera . We refer to the Night Sight mode , which promised much brighter pictures at night and in low light scenes, in general. Now, that night mode comes to the camera of the three generations of Google Pixel through an update .

Shown as an experimental feature last October, Night Sight mode comes officially not only to Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL , but also to different versions of Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel first generation. It will do so gradually over the next few days through an update of the Google Camera application , through the Play Store .

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What does Night Sight mode consist of and what does it do?

As the technology explained in the presentation event of its Pixel 3, Night Sight is reduced to an automatic learning software based on artificial intelligence that allows to capture more light in scenes where lighting conditions are not favorable. The Pixel camera receives Night Sight mode to make better night shots

Normally, for the camera’s sensor to receive more light, it is necessary to increase the exposure time – the shutter stays open for longer. However, it is essential that during this capture process no movements are reflected on the camera sensor because, otherwise, it negatively affects the sharpness of the scene, showing a “blurred photo” effect. Hence the need to use a tripod .

The great secret of the Night Sight mode is that the software is able to adapt to the circumstances, analyzing the natural movement of the hand at the time of shooting, as well as the stage itself that we want to capture, to compensate for them and make luminous photos without needing of flash.

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In this way, we not only avoid the effect produced by an artificial light source, but in turn mitigate the dreaded noise in the photo – granules – without a tripod and achieve more balanced and natural colors at night. The Pixel camera receives Night Sight mode to make better night shots

And how do I activate the Night Sight mode in my Google Pixel?

Once the update of the camera app is installed, the software suite itself will show you on screen if it is a suitable situation to shoot with the Night Sight mode. If we consider using it, we will only have to press on the letters that appear on the screen, or select the mode from the quick settings section of the camera. The Pixel camera receives Night Sight mode to make better night shots

Once applied the Night Sight mode, if we want to achieve the best results we have to take into account some advice that the company has provided in its official blog.

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In essence, these tips are limited to limit the movements and vibrations that we transmit to the mobile when we capture a scene and ask the person to remain still during the capture process, a few seconds before and after pressing the shutter. With these guidelines, the camera will be able to capture light for a longer time, with the consequent better photographic result.

It is also important to take into account aspects such as the lens of the camera is free of traces of fingerprints and avoid focusing on powerful light bulbs.

However, the artificial intelligence of the Google Pixel camera is such that it is able to calculate the maximum exposure time in dynamic environments without capturing objects in motion.

Results of photos with Night Sight mode

Is this new Night Sight mode so effective for the Google Pixel camera ? Google itself facilitates a link to a gallery where some examples of photos taken with night mode are exposed, although in this case we do not know how they have been captured by professionals or users.

However, from MovilZona we wanted to make the test ourselves, as users on foot, to appreciate the differences. These you can see yourselves through the different images that we enclose in the article.

What do you think about the difference? Without a doubt, depending on the circumstances and scenarios, the result varies considerably.

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