The Oppo Find X integrates a system to protect your cameras


What a mess he has mounted Oppo with his latest device. He Oppo Find X It is being that terminal to which they aspired to be many others and that nevertheless remained halfway. Not every day a smartphone is presented in vain able to hide 3 cameras and with a screen / chassis ratio of 93.8%.

Oppo has risked a lot with its latest release and when even the most powerful brands, with the exception of Samsung, have bet indiscriminately for a notch, they have created the most infinite screen with a much more aesthetic solution.

The Oppo Find X integrates a system to protect your cameras

One of the things that we mentioned yesterday when covering the presentation of the Oppo Find X it was the fact that Oppo got with his retractable camera system protect lenses from falls all the time we were not using any of the cameras, but what happens if we accidentally drop the device with the cameras activated? Well, they have also thought about that.

The detail of the Oppo Find X that can save you a good dislike

He I live NEX uses a small appendix for its front camera that makes us quite weak before a fall, and although Oppo uses a more complete and compact system, it does not fail to present a structural rigidity less than that of a camera built into the chassis.

The Oppo Find X integrates a system to protect your cameras

Aware of this, in Oppo they have done some tests and have designed a security system hidden that use the sensors of the Oppo Find X (we assume that accelerometer and gyroscope) to quickly close the camera module when a fall is detected from a minimum height of one meter .

According to Oppo, in case of a fall, the camera will close at a faster rate than it normally does, so the smartphone would have already adopted its more compact and resistant position at the moment of hitting the ground, minimizing the damage.

Oppo Find X Lamborghini Edition, an exclusive version with super fast loading

In case the height of the fall is less than one meter , the system will not go into action, but we assume that Oppo has made the corresponding tests and believe that even with the camera deployed, the phone is able to withstand small hits without damage.

The Oppo Find X integrates a system to protect your cameras

You may be wondering why the smartphone only closes the camera module so quickly in the event of a crash, and although we do not have an official response from Oppo, we assume that some technical reason will be there for it, either because of the consumption of battery or by not forcing the opening and closing mechanism unnecessarily.

It seems that Oppo has thought enough about all the details regarding the use of its latest flagship, a terminal that we could already try yesterday with very good impressions.

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