The OnePlus 6T presumes? of performance in Geekbench


The OnePlus 6T is, as it says, just around the corner, the top of the line that will complete the trio of best Chinese mobile phones of the year, along with the and is presented next Monday after overtaking its presentation to not coincide with the . However, before next week, the performance of OnePlus 6T in Geekbench has already been leaked … and is below expectations.

In the following screenshot, on the left, we can see how the OnePlus 6T behaves in Geekbench . The smartphone will reach the market equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor and 8 GB of RAM that will help it reach a score of 2387 for a single core and 8925 for multiple cores. We talk about the same characteristics that we can find in its most direct predecessor, who with the same processor and RAM exceeds the OnePlus 6T in both tests.

It is true that the smartphone has not even been released and these results may vary once the OnePlus 6T is released officially, but being less than a week of its presentation, we do not expect the figures will radically change. In addition to sharing RAM and CPU, the tests on the two phones have been made with the same operating system: Android 9 Pie .

And with the big top of the market?

Logically, we could not pass up the opportunity to compare the performance of OnePlus 6T with that of its main rivals in the market. The Snapdragon 845 of the OnePlus 6T narrowly surpasses the , at least in the test of several cores, but pales before the and the .

The OnePlus 6T presumes? of performance in Geekbench

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Currently the Kirin 980 present in the top of range of Huawei and the Exynos 9810 that drives the phablet of Samsung offer a performance far superior to the Snapdragon 845 of Qualcomm , despite being accompanied by less amount of memory (6 GB compared to 8 GB of the OnePlus 6T) which shows again that a greater amount of RAM does not mean better performance.

We hope to be able to fully analyze the performance of the OnePlus 6T , in its final version, next week.

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