The OnePlus 6T does not have LED notifications and is not IP68, why?


This week the new OnePlus 6T has been presented, the top of the range of the Chinese firm, which has come with many new features, especially in its design, with the notch in the form of a drop of water and the fingerprint reader. But there are features that are missing, and that OnePlus has explained why it has been removed.

Surely between the differences and similarities of both terminals we will find some features that are missing from the latest OnePlus device, and that users have not been clear about the reason for its elimination.

OnePlus reveals why these decisions on the OnePlus 6T

When someone buys a new model of a smartphone, the last thing they expect is to find that some features of the previous model have been eliminated, or that others that are present throughout the competition are not available in that model. Well, this is what has happened to many users of the OnePlus 6T , who are delighted with the notch’s water drop design or the fingerprint reader under the screen , but do not understand how the OnePlus 6T does not already have an LED of notifications or that is not water resistant.

The OnePlus 6T does not have LED notifications and is not IP68, why?

And OnePlus has explained these decisions to its users, who naturally have expressed their displeasure about it. Regarding the notification LED, the reason they have given to eliminate it is that users only need to pick up the phone from the table, so that the screen turns on automatically and they see their notifications. So an LED for OnePlus is not an essential element for this kind of situations. Regarding IP68 water and dust resistance, or at least a certification approaching this level, they also have an answer.

The OnePlus 6T does not have LED notifications and is not IP68, why?

For them the daily use of the OnePlus 6T does not need these levels of resistance to water , because if it gets wet by a splash or any other normal situation, nothing will happen to the phone. They understand that to submerge it is more typical of extreme use than usual. They have also referred to the Always On mode of the OLED screen , basing the decision on that they are studying the functional value of this feature against the energy consumption it generates, which is why it was also removed from OnePlus 6 . Although they hope to implement it again in the future with a software update. Some explanations of Carl Pei that we do not know if they will convince many, but at least they shed light on some decisions of the company that have been really controversial.

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