The OnePlus 6 camera goes through DxOMark: what is your score?


It will be two months from the arrival of the new OnePlus smartphone to the market and DxOMark has decided that it is time for the OnePlus 6 camera go through your testing laboratory. A test which, given the relevance it has acquired, serves to catalog the quality of the photos taken with the double back camera . The result is reflected in a ranking drawn up by its members and which lists the most outstanding models. What is the position of the OnePlus 6 in the same?

Although OnePlus has maintained an escalation of prices for its most representative model in recent years and has lost that excellent relationship between performance and price that so characterized the brand, also continues to be one of the most economical price caps. However, this optimization of resources to maintain content cost has a price. Does it affect the performance of the double camera?

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The OnePlus 6 camera, under review

That is one of the doubts that DxOMark solves when placing the double camera of the OnePlus 6 on the test bench.

The series of tests carried out shows that the double camera of OnePlus 6 can not rub shoulders with the best on the market, such as Huawei P20 Pro , HTC U12 + or Huawei P20 . However, 96 points achieved in the global place it among models like the iPhone X or Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S , with 97 points . In the same way, it outperforms others such as iPhone 8 Plus or Galaxy Note 8 . The OnePlus 6 camera goes through DxOMark: what is your score?

Score by parts

If we take a look at the scores granted by DxOMark to the double camera of the OnePlus 6, it is seen how in the section of the video is where it presents more difficulties, with a Overall score of 87 . To have a reference, the Google Pixel 2 , for example, achieves 96 points. The loss of detail in different lighting conditions is the aspect that most penalizes, as well as the sharpness. However, it offers good image stabilization, correct white balance and fast autofocus.

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As far as photography is concerned, the double camera of OnePlus 6 achieves 100 points thanks again to a fast and accurate autofocus , as well as a good representation of the color, whether it is a flash shot or without it. It also does not present an excessive level of noise, although this increases in areas where uniform areas are shown. For its part, the HDR filter seems not to be as effective since details are lost in the darker and clearer areas of the photo. DxOMark experts also speak of a pink tone in outdoor captures, as well as a somewhat unpredictable, inaccurate bokeh depending on the shot.

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