The OnePlus 3T will receive news related to Android P

The OnePlus 3T will receive news related to Android P

The OnePlus 3T is one of the most balanced terminals in the history of the Chinese firm. It is true that the signature-something that he had to do in the launch of the 5T, which should go out with Oreo-, and that the support is improving a lot, something that makes us happy, since it was one of his weak points .

As you know, the firm usually launches its T terminals with an earlier version than the one that corresponds-OP3T had to leave with Nougat, and OnePlus 5T with Oreo-, so really, they receive a year and a half of updates. This is going to change, since the firm promises, the best possible news . Today, we have news that the OnePlus 3T will receive updates “related to Android P” . As always, the firm does not finish making clear what it is going to do but, in any case, this is great news.

Part of Android P in the OnePlus 3T

As we see in OnePlus’s own Twitter, they comment that the 3T will receive updates related to Android P , not Android P, as expected. This may mean that, surely, some of the implementations of Android P that do in OyxgenOS for the OnePlus 5, 5T and 6, come in some form or another to 3T.

This is a great news, which speaks in favor of OnePlus support, which, as we said, is constantly improving. Nevertheless, do not forget that the OnePus 3T should have left with Android Nougat , so it would correspond the updates to Android Oreo, and Android P, which have been saved. Anyway, OnePlus has a new vote of confidence to amend their mistakes, so we hope that this year the terminals of the firm update on time to the version that corresponds to them.


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