The novelties of Android Pie on the Samsung Galaxy S9, in video

The novelties of Android Pie on the Samsung Galaxy S9, in video

During these last days, a preliminary version of has gone around the networks, revealing the latest news that will bring the , and we have even explained on the devices. However, now for the first time we see the operation of this new video version.

The video has been recently published by XDA-Developers , and there is a review of all the changes that the update brings , including new features at the interface level, such as the renewal of many of the system’s applications.

Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android Pie: discover the news in video

To begin with, the video shows us the news that arrives at the system’s blocking screen, with a renewed font and new icons at the bottom. They also change notification cards, with much more rounded corners – more so than Android Pie in its original form. When you unlock the terminal, you can see that the home screen does not change much, except for the new navigation buttons on the screen.

When opening applications such as phone, messages or camera, we can take a first look at the new design philosophy that Samsung seems to adopt for all its pre-installed apps. We see how there is a lower density of information, with a greater number of empty holes and, again, cards with rounded corners everywhere. This aesthetic also comes to the panel of notifications and quick adjustments, which once fully deployed will occupy the entire screen , instead of reaching the middle of the panel as in the original version of Android Pie.

The novelties of Android Pie on the Samsung Galaxy S9, in video

Perhaps the application that undergoes a more radical change is that of system adjustments, leaving a third of the screen completely empty, and with all the menus and sections at the bottom in the form of rounded cards. It is precisely in the settings, in addition, where one of the changes most expected by everyone arrives, such as the dark theme or night mode , which changes the colors of the interface to black to improve visibility and avoid excess luminosity in dark environments. .

Since it is a preliminary version just out of the oven, some functions such as the navigation system by gestures still do not work , and it is an unstable build not recommended for use on a day to day basis. Still, since most features are functional, it would not be unreasonable to think that Samsung could surprise us by opening a beta program based on Android Pie for the Galaxy S9 in the coming weeks.

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