The Note 9 camera, more important than ever

The Note 9 camera, more important than ever

After the OnePlus 6 and the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE, the next terminal that we need to see is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the second heavyweight of the Korean firm for this 2018.

Today, precisely, this rumored top of the range is once again news. Specifically, it seems we have more information about your camera and processor .

A decent camera, a better processor and a smart speaker

Indeed,, Samsung would have in the oven a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a significantly improved camera, that is, that his photographic section would be one of the most different aspects with respect to last year’s model.

Almost all phones improve their characteristics compared to their previous version, but sometimes the difference is so small that it does not attract attention (the camera from S7 to S8, for example). This time, it seems that we have among us A Note with a photographic section quite worked .

In addition, the source also comments that they will be quite similar in appearance. Obviously, your processor will also be improved, and following the tradition, there will be a model with Exynos and another with a Qualcomm Snapdragon inside.

Finally, the Korean firm also intends to highlight its Galaxy Note 9 in the acoustic section, where it is rumored that will integrate a “smart speaker” . Probably, now you will receive more interaction with Bixby.

The Note 9 camera, more important than ever

The presentation event of this Note 9 will take place in New York, under the name of “Unpacked” . If it follows the scheme of the last Note, it will be more or less at the end of August, although.

Having forgotten the horrors of the Note 7, this Note 9 must compete with a well-known Note 8 and the present S9 and S9 +. The price will be a key factor , since with its predecessor we reached 1,000 euros. Stay tuned for more news!

What do you expect from Note 9? Do you think we will see any innovation in your camera?

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