The Nokia 8110 Reloaded arrives in Spain, and will soon be compatible with WhatsApp

The Nokia 8110 Reloaded arrives in Spain, and will soon be compatible with WhatsApp

At the beginning of the year, during the MWC 2018,took advantage to renew another classic of its history as a phone manufacturer: the Nokia 8110, better known as Banana Phone . At the time, already, and seea feature phone with features smart , equipped with the operating system KaiOS in which Google has recently invested more than 20 million dollars.

Today, the terminalto Spain, and we already know its price . But in addition to this, we have good news for all those who were thinking about getting hold of it, because very soon The Nokia 8110 Reloaded will be compatible with WhatsApp.

Nokia 8110: price and availability in Spain

The classic renewed by Nokia in 2018 has the basic functions that we could find on any phone, in addition to certain “smart” features that brings the KaiOS operating system based on Linux. Among them, we will be able to find Google applications such as the Assistant, Google Maps or the possibility of surfing the Internet thanks to 4G connectivity.

However, a few minutes ago the Nokia 8110 has become an even more attractive phone -especially if we consider its price, which we will talk about later-, as the team behind KaiOS has confirmed that, very soon, WhatsApp will be one of the compatible applications with its operating system, and therefore the most used instant messaging service in the world can be used in the new Nokia 8110.

The arrival of WhatsApp, without a doubt, makes the Nokia 8110 Reloaded a very important option to take into account in order to acquire a secondary phone, without having to sacrifice some of the capabilities of the most modern smartphones. If you are interested in getting hold of the terminal, you should know that, from today, it is for sale in Spain at a price of 79.90 euros through the usual sales channels of the company.


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