The news of Pixel 3 that will reach the previous Pixel, and those that do not

The news of Pixel 3 that will reach the previous Pixel, and those that do not

Two days have passed since we attended the , two of the most important terminals of the year so their arrival is for the Android universe and the telephony market in general.

While that continue to make using a Pixel one of the best experiences that can be obtained with an Android phone. Now, which of these new details will end up coming to the previous Pixel?

Call Screen

Probably one of the most interesting novelties that debuted with the Pixel 3 is . Thanks to this system, based on the same technology that makes

While Google assured during his presentation that, indeed, this novelty is not exclusive to the Pixel 3 and will end up reaching the previous Pixel , at the moment it will only work in the United States, and I am afraid that the rest of the world will have to wait a while until his arrival.

Gmail Smart Compose

The news of Pixel 3 that will reach the previous Pixel, and those that do not

It debuted in the web version of Gmail at the end of the last Google I / O, and now, with the arrival of the new Pixel, Google announced that it This AI-based function offers suggestions for autocompleting the text of the emails we write, depending on the context of the conversation and offering relevant information depending on the subject of the email.

Although its launch has been exclusively with the Pixel 3, Google notes in

Super Res Zoom

Google has been trying for some time to improve the quality of the images captured by using the digital zoom of their phones . For this,

In the Pixel 3, however, the company goes even further with Super Res Zoom, a system that according to the company is capable of competing with optical zooms of up to two increases that include some terminals of the competition in terms of image quality . To work, this system uses the HDR + system to store up to 15 captures, and then uses super resolution techniques to increase the level of detail of the captures. Also, it only works when zooming 1.2x or more. Unfortunately, Google says that this feature requires specific hardware, and therefore will not reach the previous Pixel phones.

Flip to Shhh

A novelty that we discovered several weeks before the event was Flip To Shhh. This option, part of the Digital Wellness program included in Android 9 Pie, will allow you to silence the phone simply by turning it over a flat surface . Although for many it will be a minor detail, many will be happy to know that it will also reach the previous Pixel.


Until a few days ago known as AR Stickers, Playground is a new implementation of augmented reality in the Pixel camera . Now, yes, animated objects are more “smart”, and there is a greater variety, besides being some of them customizable. This novelty will not only reach the original Pixel 2 and Pixel, but is already available on Google Play.

New Google Lens offline and integrated into the camera app

The news of Pixel 3 that will reach the previous Pixel, and those that do not

Another novelty that will reach the previous Pixel is the renewed Google Lens , now incorporated in the camera application in its version 6.1 and with the ability to work without Internet connection. A detail that will not make its way through the new devices, however, are the smart suggestions through the camera, as you can see in the GIF on these lines. This novelty will remain exclusive of the Pixel 3 , although we do not know if indefinitely.

Night Sight

The news of Pixel 3 that will reach the previous Pixel, and those that do not

Probably the most interesting novelty included in the camera of the Google Pixel 3. Night Sight uses the HDR + mode built into the camera, but stops to rely on zero shutter lag system and encourages the user to keep the device still when taking the picture . In this way, the camera combines 15 different captures, all of them with a reduced shutter speed, so that the images captured in low light environments appear much brighter , similar to those that would be obtained with an exposure time of 5 seconds. .

But let’s what matters: yes, Google has already confirmed that this novelty will reach both the Google Pixel 2 and the original Pixel , and best of all is that it will do so at the same time as the Pixel 3 – where not yet is available-, so I suspect it will reach the devices with the future update to Android 9.1 , which should be launched by Google in just over a month.

Top Shot

In the case of Top Shot , the Pixel 3 camera makes several captures before and after pressing the shutter button, so that at least one of the captured images shows no imperfections – someone with closed eyes, an animal or object that crosses … -. For its operation, this system makes use of the Visual Core 2 chip, and from Google have indicated that it will not reach the previous versions of the Pixel family, at least for the time being .


Another novelty that will not reach the previous Pixel, for reasons similar to the rest of the cases, is the Photo Booth mode . This option allows you to leave your phone at a fixed point, and will automatically capture images when the phone itself considers it the best time.

Portrait mode with configurable blur

Google has finally listened to us, and in the Pixel 3 it is already possible to modify the level of background blur of the images taken with portrait mode . Since this option will be integrated in Google Photos, it will reach the Pixel 2 – but not the original Pixel, which lack portrait mode – and in fact we have already been able to test it.

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