The new feature of Google Photos is perfect for lovers

The new feature of Google Photos is perfect for lovers

That Google loves artificial intelligence algorithms is nothing new., Y Google Photos categorizes our photographs through a trained AI to recognize several labels , as in the phones camera itself G . Google, understands software as the heart of technology, and instead of betting – on their mobile devices – for the most spectacular or striking hardware for marketing, he prefers devote body and soul to improve the software , a key piece in the user experience that we appreciate on a day-to-day basis.

Therefore, Fotos is a key application. Much more than being a mere gallery, it is everything an assistant for our photographs, with suggestions, automatic improvements and assemblies. The new Google Photos is perfect for lovers, or for all those who want to remember emotional moments with their loved ones. Love stories come to Google Photos and that’s how they work.

Love Stories in Google Photos

The new feature of Google Photos is perfect for lovers

Our colleagues fromthey tell us that the love stories are already coming to Google Photos , as well as what is its operation. As always, Google will be based on categorizing by people and days, since by combining these two variables you can obtain great results. Sometimes to remember as Valentine’s Day, father’s day, mother … Google will make us the classic video-montage of 19 seconds with all the photographs of that day.

Soon you can modify the blur level of your portraits in Google Photos

Google says that this is a function that it improves if we have many pictures of that day , since it is not a simple slide show, but the typical montage in which hundreds of photographs pass at great speed with emotional background music. As you can see, Google Photos does not stop improving, adding functions that although they are not essential, they are always curious and well received.


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