The Netflix speed test is updated and now it’s much better!

The Netflix speed test is updated and now it's much better!

The consumption of multimedia content is one of the main uses we give our smartphones on a daily basis, and, logically, to be able to consume content, we will need a relatively decent Internet connection. Either that, or enough patience, that never hurts.

Logically, to do this, we will have to resort to a telephone company, and, on many occasions we wonder if this is giving us a hare with our tariff. And, to check it, the simplest thing is to visit a speed test website on the internet. Or download an application also intended to collect information about your connection.

Netflix was very smart, and decided to launch its own internet speed test service, called Fast. So, every time an English-speaking user searches for “Fast Netflix”, he will easily find this speed test, even if he was not looking for it at first. Now, the application of this test has been updated, and thanks to this it is much better.

The Netflix speed test is updated and now it's much better!

Until recently, Fast only showed us our download speed, enough to know if our connection is suitable to see Netflix or not, but now he has decided to go a step further, and to show us much more information:

  • Latency of the connection.
  • Upload latency
  • Upload speed.
  • Information about the server and the operator that provides you connection.

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In this way, we will be able to make a more complete diagnosis of it, which will help us to decide if we want to change our internet rate, or maintain it. The way to display all this information is to click on the “Show more information” button that We will find once the speed test is finished.


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