The name of Bitcoin blends into the greatest anger of Iceland’s history

Data centers in Iceland Bitcoin and other crypto money about 600 computers used in mining were played. The Icelandic police describe this incident as the largest series of thefts on Iceland’s history. The Icelandic media announced the “Big Bitcoin robbery” and 11 people, including a security officer, were taken into custody.

It has been reported that the total value of computers not yet available is $ 2 million. If stolen computers are used for the mining of Bitcoin and other crypto-money, which is the original aim, it is likely that thieves will make a tremendous profit over the total value of computers.

‘The greatest theft of history’

The name of Bitcoin blends into the greatest anger of Iceland's history

A police commissioner from Reykjanes, where the incident happened, said, “This is an unprecedented mass theft. Everything points out that this is a highly organized crime, “he said.

Electricity consumption will be monitored by

Police aim to find stolen computers by monitoring electricity consumption nationwide. Unusually high energy use may indicate the location of the illegal Bitcoin mine.

A crypto paradise for money miners

On the other hand, the island country Iceland is expected to use much more energy given to the houses this year for crypto money mining. Crypto money mining large corporations established a base in the island which is a paradise in terms of geothermal and hydroelectric power plants.

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