The Motorola One Power is real and here is your first photo


A few days ago appeared on the network some renders of an unexpected smartphone called Motorola One Power that he used a notch and that he also brought two important news : bring back the Motorola brand as something more autonomous and independent of Lenovo, and be a smartphone with Android One, with everything that implies at the level of optimizations and speed of update.

While the existence of a render may leave some room for uncertainty as to the actual existence of a telephone, today we see the first real photo of the same that confirms that the Motorola One Power exists and should not take long to arrive officially on the market.

The Motorola One Power could be the Nokia X6 of the company

Just as Nokia has preferred to adopt a much more aggressive design in a premium midrange device, Motorola could do the same. The notch is not something that everyone likes, and launching a flagship with this type of design without first receiving the “feedback” from the public is possibly a risky move for Lenovo.

The Motorola One Power is real and here is your first photo

This first picture of the Motorola One Power seems to show a prototype of the terminal, since unlike the render, here we can see a small text located in the lower bezel under the Motorola brand that reads: ” Motorola’s confidential property. Its not for sale”.

But there is another interesting detail in this photo, and that is that the fact that the Motorola logo appears on the boot screen, leaving it in a very secondary place to the Lenovo brand (top right), tells us that Lenovo would be willing to reinforce the brand image of the originally American company.

The Motorola One Power is real and here is your first photo

For the rest, there is not much more to say about this Motorola One Power that we have not already said, besides the fact that this photo confirm the existence of the most identifying feature of the iPhone X , as responsible for housing the front camera, a speaker and some sensors.

In terms of design, we have very small side bevels , a somewhat thicker lower frame with the Motorola Logo and some Volume and power buttons located on the right side of the device; so it can be presumed that the slots for SIM and micro-SD are on the opposite side.

There is not much to say now about the internal characteristics of the Motorola One Power, since nothing has been leaked, but if Motorola follows the strategy of the Moto X4 , the most possible is that we are facing a premium mid-range smartphone with a SoC such as the Snapdragon 636 or even the Snapdragon 660.

The Motorola One Power is real and here is your first photo

Although it is not seen in this photo, the render previously shown confirmed the presence of a double camera system on the back of the device, and Motorola being a brand that usually takes care of this aspect, it is expected that the Motorola One Power is a device with a remarkable photographic quality.

Be that as it may, the fact is that the device is attractive, although it is not especially original, and the fact that it is the second device of Motorola with Android One , sure that it is a strong incentive for buyers.

For now we do not know any information about the release date of this smartphone, and if Lenovo will present it first in the US market or if its launch will be global. We will be attentive to new information.

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