The message that crash the iPhone


A single character, a simple symbol sent in the form of a simple message and it’s over. There is a Hindu symbol that has unimaginable power, because only by sending it you can crash an iPhone and force its user to restart it. Worst? That the solution is not in iOS 11.2.5.

In case the controversy with the scheduled obsolescence of which is being accused by the courts in half the world was not enough, the problems multiply to Apple with a new bug discovered in the current version of iOS 11.2.5. One of those very serious bugs in the form of a character that has the ability to block an iPhone, forcing the owner to have to restart it if he wants to continue using it.

The message that crash the iPhone

The message that blocks the iPhone

Released less than a month ago, the latest update of the operating system iOS 11.2.5 has been brought with a nasty surprise: a Hindu character belonging to the Telugu language that if sent as a message can block the iPhone that receives it to the point of need a reboot. The most serious thing is that this character can be sent not only through the iOS iMessage, but also from other popular chat apps and email clients such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook or Gmail.

Once we receive a message with this character, even if it only brings that character in itself, the phone will ‘freeze’, it will be blocked because the app that has received the message is trying to access and load the Hindu Telugu character without success, which causes the collapse of the operating system and the subsequent reboot. If this happens to you, a trick to fix it is that a friend sends you a normal text message, and when you receive it try to erase the previous one that is causing the failure.

There is no solution in iOS 11.2.5

According to the website The Verge, which has proven the flaw in several Third Party apps like those cited, the problem is that these applications may become inaccessible or deactivated after receiving the message in Telugu, so in cases such as WhatsApp, you should use access by WhatsApp Web browser to erase the message of the character and restart the mobile. The Telegram and Skypeapp are not affected.

The worst thing is that this bug seems to have no solution in the current version of iOS . The Verge has verified that the bug is not present in iOS 13, currently in a closed beta version, so it seems clear that it will be corrected when we update it. The problem is that it will not happen until Spring, and unless Apple makes a statement and launches an urgent patch, it seems that users of iOS 11.2.5 will have to live with the dreaded bug.

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