The MásMóvil group is implacable and returns to lead portabilities in April


The data from mobile portability registered during April 2018 they let us see a trend that is not new. He MásMóvil group He rises again as the main triumphant when he manages to conquer the heart of more than 61,000 new customers . The negative part is in charge of the big three of the market, with numbers in red once again. In the middle of this vortex sneaks Digi , which continues with its particular climb and good results.

Thanks to the report prepared by Movilonia , we have once again the monthly portability statistics in Spain . Records that allow us to know in some way the situation through which the market crosses and what are the preferences of users when it comes to contract telecommunications services . Below, we offer you in detail the numbers corresponding to the portabilities carried out during the month of April 2018 in the mobile telephony market.

The screening of the MásMóvil group, in figures

MásMóvil’s yellow continues appearing in the upper part of the monthly portability table. However, this month we must emphasize that it is not the company itself Meinrad Spenger which is placed on the pole. In April 2018 it is Yoigo , owned by the first since 2016, which monopolizes the first position when registering a Net profit of 26,200 users . The MásMóvil group is implacable and returns to lead portabilities in April

In the case of the group’s parent, this month it managed to start another peak of customers to the rest of the operators to record a net profit of 21,400 mobile lines .

In this sense, the results of the two operators analyzed make clear the power of the convergent tariffs. And it is that while MásMóvil maintains its low prices as a commercial claim, Yoigo does it with bombings such as the presentation of the first unlimited data rate of the Spanish market.

As for the rest of the operators that are unified in the MásMóvil conglomerate, we find PepePhone , that this month achieves a good role to the add 9,000 lines to your client portfolio. It also enters positive Call now , OMV that gets 4,600 customers during the 30 days of April. The MásMóvil group is implacable and returns to lead portabilities in April

Digi continues its climb

Although MásMóvil monopolizes all the lights monthly, there is another actor that continues to shine with its own light. We refer to Digi , he OMV Romanian that in its tenth anniversary in Spain is consolidated as one of the best options in which to entrust the services of mobile telephony. So they have believed it during the past month a total of 18,900 people . Its attractive and balanced rates have enabled the virtual to register its best brand since its logo began to sneak into the top of the portability statistics.

The rest of the companies positive

The fourth company with the most mobile lines in April was placed Lowi . The low cost brand of Vodafone it remains on the margin of the dark role of this one because it culminates the fourth month of 2018 winning 9,300 customers .

Mobile Republic is another of the OMVs that manages to end in positive and takes 5,400 numbers , the same ones Simyo .

Jazztel maintains the path of growth, although very far from the records that catapulted it as the teleco that grew the most in its stage as an independent company. In April, they were 5,000 net portabilities . The MásMóvil group is implacable and returns to lead portabilities in April

Ion Mobile, PTV Telecom and Tuenti are next on the list with the gain of 4,900, 4,400 and 3,100 lines in a respective way.

As far as the cables are concerned, Euskaltel stands as the most representative in convincing 2,600 users . As to Telecable , It is made with 2,400 customers , slightly above the 2,200 from Mobile R .

Other MVNOs that leave April in green with discrete numbers are Lcrcom, Mobile Hits, Lemonvil, Opencable, Ios, You Mobile, Flexiovil and Voz Telecom .

Movistar, Orange and Vodafone, the victims

If the mobile portabilities smile for own merits to the MásMóvil group, the opposite happens in the case of the iconic brands of the sector. Once again, Movistar, Orange and Vodafone are the ones that cede customers every month.

In April, Movistar it is left by the way 21,600 customers . It is a fact that is similar to the figures in which the blue operator moves since it began 2018.

In the case of the gala operator, despite obtaining good economic returns with their convergent offers, mobile portability statistics show how April once again represents a month of losses given that it is placed as the second teleco that loses more lines . Total, 43,700 users They decided to leave the company. It should be noted that this result also includes the trajectory of Amena during the relevant month of April.

And what about Vodafone ? The data offered by Movilonia place it as the worst stop since its portfolio of clients resents again when subtracting 56,300 numberings . This data also includes the results of OR NOT . Thus, the red operator continues to bleed because it accumulates a good number of months in negative.

They close the list of operators with loss of customers Lycamibile, Eroski Móvil, Lebara, The Telecom Boutique, MovilDia and Ocean’s with 6,000, 1,800, 1,600, 220, 80 and 10 lines less respectively.

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