The low range does not make any sense, and I’ll explain why

The low range does not make any sense, and I'll explain why

The ranges in Android have experienced variations during the passage of time. It is not so clear that there are three ranges – low, medium and high – but within them, we find variants, above and below. This is a good thing, since we have more phones to choose from , we can buy high-end phones for 500 euros, and very decent average ranges for less than 200 euros.

However, there is a range destined to disappear ,, and it is clear that it is a very bad option. Today, we tell you why the low range does not make any sense, and how it will progressively disappear.

The nonsense of the current low-end

The low range does not make any sense, and I'll explain why

The main problem of the low range, is that it does not offer good value for money . That is, yes, you can take a mobile phone with less than 100 euros that works for a reasonable time, but their characteristics will never attract attention, nor will they be above their price .

The situation is complicated when, for a few euros more, we have terminals that, at a low price, offer a lot more than what could be required . For example, with less than 160 euros you can buy a Xiaomi Mi A1 , a terminal that faces him without any problem to mobile of 400 euros of traditional signatures, for less than half of money. The quality-price ratio of the current mid-range is spectacular , and it is impossible to recommend any terminal that is below this sector.

The low range does not make any sense, and I'll explain why

If the barrier close to 200 euros becomes innaccesible and you still prefer a mobile close to 100 euros, you still have no excuse. For 130 euros, a terminal with the Snapdragon 625, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal, good finish, double camera … What’s more, for 10 euros more, you get the model with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory .

It is simply impossible to recommend a terminal that, for 40 euros less, you can move light applications barely , and not even face challenges such as playing a timely game to PUBG Mobile, an intense casual use – there will always be situations where you use several apps, even social networks, or any other example.

If we take into account that those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a telephone, they usually look for a maximum duration in their useful life, spend 30 euros more on a mobile phone that will last for years and years, is the smartest .

The excuse of basic use

The low range does not make any sense, and I'll explain why

Some may argue, that your relative in turn only wants the phone to call and for WhatsApp, and that with the mobile phone that the operator gives him, they go overboard. However, even for a basic use, this type of mobile phones give serious performance problems with the passage of time . If we do accounts, imagine a mobile of 130 euros, which will last, at least 3 years. We are talking about dividing those 130 euros between the 36 months that they are 3 years old, as if it were financing without interest. You are paying a cost of just over 3 euros a month for that mid-range mobile that is so worthwhile .

We know that the economy is an important factor, but the figure is so low, taking into account the brutal quality offered by it, that the low range loses all sense .


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