The LG G7 is equipped with a versatile and powerful iris scanner


The LG G7 will be LG’s flagship in 2018. According to the latest news, the LG G7 will likely be equipped with an advanced eye iris scanner.

Until today, LG phones like LG JV-30 have been equipped with the earliest facial recognition feature to unlock the phone. The Salafist mode is not as advanced as Apple’s Facebook technology, and it’s easy to deceive it. But this is likely to change with the LG G7’s supply.

Based on the new patent that LG has just filed for and LetsGoDigital has discovered, the LG G7 and possibly all of the Korean phones in 2018 will have an advanced eye-eye iris scan such as the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped.

This technology is now able to perform its task in different lighting conditions. But according to rumors, LG is trying to provide a new, more advanced generation of eye iris scanners for mobile phones, with dual activity. As an example, the user should follow a set of points with his eye on the screen to ensure that the system is verifying the actual iris (and not the image) being scanned.

The LG G7 is equipped with a versatile and powerful iris scanner

At Korea Electronics Show last year, LG demonstrated an example of a versatile module that could play the role of a selfie camera and an iris scanner simultaneously. Despite the display of this module, we have not seen commercial use of it on a smartphone until now.

Eyeball scanners work close to the infrared light by emitting it in the eye of the user, but they can obtain accurate information about the details and structure of the iris in his eye. Infrared light helps the sensor to achieve more complex features of the iris. These details are not visible in the eye structure when viewed in normal light.

The LG G7 is equipped with a versatile and powerful iris scanner

The Galaxy Note 7, Samsung’s unnamed flagship of 2016, was equipped with two front-facing camera sensors. One of them has a more complex structure and was used to scan the iris of the eye, so that it was able to receive wavelengths from the infrared spectrum. But a normal selfie camera must operate in the opposite way and filter infrared light, as they will often disrupt the recorded images. But by combining these two sensors in a module, the LG G7 will undoubtedly be one of the top innovations in the mobile world in 2018. Over time, we get more information about LG’s eye iris scanning technology.

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